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Old School is Cool, but…

Nov 18, 2015 by Brandon


Old school is cool. But being outdated in business…?

Being outdated in your business is very un-cool.

I’m always amazed while speaking with someone on the phone and he (yeah, it’s always a guy) asks me to fax documents to him. I don’t think I’ve seen a fax machine in 20 years, let alone used one recently.

It gets me wondering how much lost productivity is out there, you know, in the business world. In maybe (if I took my sweet time) ten seconds I can share a 500 page document with 500 people. Imagine doing that with a fax machine over a land line. Better order some pizza delivery to the office because you’re not going to make it home for dinner.

We’re not all geeky nerds here at Local Counsel Collective but, thankfully, we have one or two lurking around because our primary area of focus is pushing technology for efficiency, security, and progress. One example of this is our automated hearing bundles and “super” bundles. If one of our clients posts a hearing and later on that client or another client posts more hearings scheduled in the same court at the same time, our system automatically bundles the hearings together with a price discount reaching 50%. We just saved our clients money instantly without lifting a finger and it happens here every day.

That’s just one example of ways we get things done in fewer steps, faster, and cheaper. We’re modern. We’re progressive. Let us show you.

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