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Advanced ProTip: Offers!

Jun 15, 2014 by Brandon

We live in America, and a free market economy is the foundation upon which our country thrives. We will be the first to admit it, sometimes it takes a little more cash to get hearings covered in a timely manner. Certain circumstances can arise which would make covering require a higher fee. Maybe there is driving time involved. A high volume “cattle call” court where the attorneys know they will be waiting an extended period of time. Perhaps the hearing or the case is a bit more complicated, or out of the “norm”.

When our clients post a hearing, we notify attorneys in waves based on many different factors and variables. When an attorney is notified, they are given the opportunity to “cover” or accept the hearing or assignment, or reject it based on several different options. Attorneys are also given the option to request an increased fee. (Don’t worry, we still notify other attorneys who may cover at the advertised rate.)

When the attorney rejects the hearing and asks for a higher fee, let’s say $105, it creates an offer for our clients to review and either accept or reject. Let me show you.

Attorney rejects the hearing and asks for $105 – or something like that.

You as the client, logs into LCC and from your home screen, you will see that there is an uncovered hearing that’s been pending for a day or so.


Go to that hearing’s overview page by clicking on the locator.

Local_Counsel_Collective___Hearing 3

On the left hand side, you will see a link that says “Offers.” If one or more attorneys have rejected the hearing and has asked for a different fee, you will see the number of offers you have inside the parenthesis. So, in the test hearing above, you have 1 offer. Go ahead and click on “Offers.”

Local_Counsel_Collective___Hearing 4

From the “Offers” screen, you will see the number of attorneys we have contacted, and the number of attorneys who have rejected the hearing for various reasons. Below that, you will see your offer! In this case, the attorney rejected the hearing and asked for $105. If you, or your firm’s management approves, you can click the “Authorize” link to the right.

Local_Counsel_Collective___Hearing 5

Once authorized, the fee of the hearing is adjusted, and the attorney who made the offer is re-notified of the fee increase.  Circumstances may have changed since they made the offer so we can’t commit them without their consent. Soon, that attorney will log in and cover your hearing at the negotiated fee! Easy, huh?

We are working hard to lower prices nationwide every day.  But for some of those pesky hearings, we believe this is the best way for our clients to understand the market and give attorneys a voice.  Local Counsel Collective itself makes the same fee on every hearing we cover regardless of what price you authorize.  All of the increases go directly to the attorney’s pocket.

If you have any questions or comments…or you have a feature request, be sure to let us know. Enjoy your week.

– Staff @ LCC