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Attorney Points

Nov 03, 2014 by Brandon

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Attorney Points and $

Earning money with Local Counsel Collective is nice but deep down we’re all pretty competitive and want to excel at what we do, right?

Obviously, the more hearings you cover, the more money in your pocket, which is the basic motivation. But there are a lot of other rewards to being active with Local Counsel Collective and you can attain (or lose) points based on actions.

Some of them are obvious, like longevity. Work with us for a year = bonus points, two years = MORE bonus points, etc. Get a LIKE for your hearing report = points. But there are several other ways to attain points. Without going into too much detail, it basically comes down to doing a good job and the points and rewards will fall into place. Here are just eight examples of gaining (and losing) the coveted points:

  1. Simply covering a hearing within 24 hours of it being posted = 125 points
  2. However, if you delete that appearance after committing to it, you could lose up to *20,000 points(!!) *if deleted the morning of the hearing
  3. If you fail to appear to a hearing you committed to cover, well, that’s A LOT of negative points, so let’s just avoid that scenario altogether…
  4. Connect LCC in your LinkedIn profile (easily done on your home log-in page) = an easy 1,000 points
  5. Download the LCC mobile app = 5,000 points
  6. Submit a hearing report under 24 hours = 25 points
  7. Submit a hearing report over 48 hours = -25 points
  8. Get crowned King of the County! = 1,000 points (bonus = bragging rights and preferential treatment like advanced notification of hearings)

So, these are just a few of the examples of how working with LCC is both profitable and FUN.  “But what’s the point of the points?” you may ask. Good question. As you gain points, you gain ranking within the network, which translates into (as briefly mentioned before) preferential treatment like advanced notice of hearings created and other $ bonuses our team is currently working on. And, of course, bragging rights among your peers.

FUN FACT: Did you know LCC has an attorney in our network who is King of the County in 45 counties and has covered over 4,700 hearings? Wow! We wonder where he keeps all those crowns.