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Capping Large Bundle Fees!

Sep 04, 2014 by Brandon


To Our Valued Clients,

As most of you know, our discounts are based on cutting a certain percentage of attorney fees for certain volumes in a given bundle. Many of you have expressed concern regarding the cost of very large bundles (15 – 75+ hearings.)

The staff @ LCC understands that most of our clients want to upload these large bundles to our site for coverage by our network attorneys, but have been reluctant because it was not very economical.


Not to fear!

In a recent update, we made changes to our discount model which will make coverage of large bundles much easier on the wallet! Please log in and click the “Discounts” button on the left side of your client homepage. From there, we provide a breakdown of our new percentage discounts for varying bundle sizes. Then you can use our discount calculator to estimate how much a bundle will cost you given the hearing type of number of appearances in each bundle. Please check it out and provide feedback on the prices, we listen to each and every suggestion.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised at this change. We know our attorneys will appreciate the increased business and will find our new attorney fees reasonable and fair.

We look forward to covering your large dockets. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to

– Staff@LCC