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Compliance: Audit Refresh

We were recently at the 2014 NARCA Spring Conference in Miami. A couple of our clients approached us about making our Compliance Center easier to use during an audit. They had some great ideas! So…while I was getting a couple of hours of CLE, and the rest of the conference attendees were enjoying their 30 […]

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May 23 by Brandon

Making NARCA Smarter!

Hello… As is customary, we usually release our major updates and new features in May and October of each year. Now, right before the 2014 NARCA Spring Conference in Miami, we are letting you know of a new piece of software that you will never use or see, but will save your firm a lot […]

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May 11 by Brandon

Spring is Here…and so are a Couple of Updates!

  Most of the Country had a pretty harsh winter. In fact, here in Indianapolis, it snowed last week. However, today, it was in the 70’s and was absolutely gorgeous outside! Flowers are blooming, people are running outside, tops are down on the convertibles, and … the updates LCC slaved over during the dark months […]

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Apr 20 by Brandon

Stop Manually Updating Your Calendar – Get Your Feed!

(Unless of course, you enjoy downloading the iCal/Outlook entries!) If you’re a high volume attorney for LCC, we understand your frustration with always trying to keep your hearing calendar up-to-date with the correct and relevant information. Sometimes it’s difficult to download every iCal or Outlook calendar entry for every hearing, then remembering to delete the […]

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Mar 08 by Brandon

Technology Additions & Updates

    We want our attorneys to get ahead. One way we offer our assistance (other than the obvious hearing assignments) is keeping up on current technology and analyzing how we can incorporate the newest of the new into LCC and make it available to our network attorneys. Another way is providing efficient communication which […]

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Jan 31 by Brandon

Compliance: Adapting to Change

One of the most important aspects of what Local Counsel Collective does on a day-to-day basis is working to ensure that your next audit goes smoothly, and with zero “dings”. Granted, we know that the services we provide are a small part of your business. Notwithstanding, we take our small niche very seriously. Evidence of […]

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Oct 15 by Brandon

Mo’ Better Stuff

How’s your summer going?  Our staff has been busy preparing some great new additions for this fall which we can’t wait to tell you about.  Soon.  But we are here now with your monthly update on some of the new features that we shipped over the past month that should be welcome additions. US2566 – […]

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Aug 02 by Brandon

One Attorney’s Success with the Local Counsel Collective App

Some of the best praise for our technology and service comes from those who use our system the most. Below is one our network attorney’s words on how the Local Counsel Collective app has benefited her work with us. She also happened to be one of the biggest supporters for the release of the Android […]

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Jul 12 by Brandon

Kicking off the Summer with Awesome Updates!

As those that have been lurking on LCC for while know – We like feedback. We use your feedback to build and release new features. Often. Like every month. May 2013 was no different. We worked hard for our clients last month. We are proud to release the following features: Ticket User Interface The primary […]

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Jun 02 by Brandon

April 2013 Releases

Each week, we take input from our customers and continue to evolve our service by releasing new software updates.  Some of these things are minor.  Some are major.  Here is a wrap up of some of this month’s highlights. Client Users Preventing Duplicate Hearings on CSV-Our system now automatically rejects duplicate hearings that may have […]

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May 02 by Brandon