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Communicating with LCC!

May 28, 2014 by Brandon

So, you wanna get a hold of us, huh? It’s pretty easy, and we make it as smooth and pain-free as possible. Notwithstanding, we thought we would give our users a little background on how we do business and a couple of ProTips.

We were started as an on-line (SaaS if you will) technology company which utilizes our background and software to fill a small niche in the collection litigation world. We love efficiency, and automating the different problems we see on a day-to-day basis — as much as we can. When we make the computers and technology do the work, we lower our overhead and pass the savings on to our clients – all while paying our contracting attorneys more. If we don’t have to respond to e-mail or our phones are silent – we are expending our resources, skill, and knowledge in making our service work better.  Still, there are times when you just have to talk or communicate with a real human being. So, the following are listed in order of “preferred method or medium:”

The Help Ticket!

For the most part, everyone on staff here at LCC works from the website. We also have those home screen widgets which gives us real-time updates about what is going on in CyberSpace. We constantly monitor the ticket widget to make sure you are getting the help and guidance you need in a timely fashion. To open a new help ticket, click the “Ticket” button on the left side of your home screen, then click the red “Add” button. As easy as that. More than likely, you will get a response within the hour. (But most times, it’s almost instant.) All help ticket responses and updates are e-mailed to you for ease of organizing and tracking what’s going on with your issue.

Next up….

Live Support – Yes, you can chat with us AIM style!

During normal business hours (as well as other weird times of night, early morning – Looking at you, Eric) you can reach support staff using our online chat program in the lower right corner of your browser when you are logged in. Just click the “Live Support” tool, click on a staff’s username, and start typing. Super easy. In fact, if you just want to chat with us about the weather or your favorite sports team…or the outcome of this season’s Survivor reality show, please do. We like y’all!

Ah, yes. E-mail.

Everyone has Outlook or Apple’s Mail, or some other mail client they use everyday. All day. It won’t stop. No one has a clean inbox these days. Including us. But, don’t worry, we’ve automated that too! Our posting clients can send us an e-mail to and our network attorneys can reach us at Advanced ProTip: If you send us an e-mail, see “Help Tickets” above. Why? Because your e-mail gets magically turned into a help ticket and we will respond in turn.

I’ll tell you what, attorneys LOVE calling us. Our phones ring off the hook during the day. However, there are only so many of us to answer. So, please if you call, and you get our voicemail, please leave a message. Why, you ask? Well, see “Help Tickets” above. Our voicemails, through the power of the internets, are transformed into help tickets! You can even listen to your voicemail through the help ticket by clicking attachments. It is our policy to respond to voicemails through either a call back or help ticket within 24 hours. But, it’s usually much quicker than that. Sometimes within minutes. If we don’t answer, and you don’t leave a message, we can’t do anything. Our number is (800) 910-1492.



We had no idea people still used fax machines. Apparently, in the legal world, they are all the rage. If you feel the need to send us a fax at the blistering speed of 56 kbit/s – go for it! A lot of our attorneys send us compliance documents, W9s, and other such stuff via facsimile. Question: Does LCC have an actual fax machine somewhere? No. Well then how do you get them? Again, see “Help Tickets” above. Our faxes go straight to the help ticket system. If you send us a fax, please allow some time for us to view and edit the help ticket to add your contact information. Once completed, you can see what you sent us via the attachments link and respond accordingly. Our fax number is the same as our voice line (800) 910-1492.




We cannot possibly imagine why or what you would send us through the USPS. But, if you’re nostalgic, feel free to send us a nice letter or gifts. We once received home grown produce from one of our attorneys in MO. It was very thoughtful.

Our current address is:  PO Box 301122, Indianapolis, IN 46230.


We are moving soon. Our new address will be: 970 Logan Street, Noblesville, IN 46060.

(We will make a more formal announcement in the coming days.)

Head’s Up: Invoices, Checks, Bills, Etc. will go to, or come from payment processing located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Okay. See. We make it easy for y’all to “communicate” with us. Feel free to say “hi!”

– Staff @ LCC

Remember: We are available 8:00 a.m., Eastern, to 5:00 p.m., Pacific. But, we can respond to emergencies 24 hours/day.