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Compliance: Audit Refresh

May 23, 2014 by Brandon

We were recently at the 2014 NARCA Spring Conference in Miami. A couple of our clients approached us about making our Compliance Center easier to use during an audit. They had some great ideas!

So…while I was getting a couple of hours of CLE, and the rest of the conference attendees were enjoying their 30 minute coffee break, our resident software engineer was writing code to provide our users a more streamlined interface. The next time an auditor from “BigBank” walks into your office, you’ll be ready.

In the past, you only had the ability to pull up individual hearings and the associated attorney who handled that hearing. Now, we batched it for you to make it easier.

From your client home screen, click on the “Audit” button on the left hand side of your screen:


This will bring you to a “sort of” dataview template, where you can select different fields. Using the “Select parties” drop-down tool, select the creditor who is auditing you.

ADVANCED ProTip: Most of you use different names for the same creditor, or spell it differently. You can select more than one!

Local_Counsel_Collective___Audit 3

Then select the date range. It’s that easy! Your result will be a list of all the hearings you’ve posted with LCC for that one client, including the name of the attorney, and their relevant compliance documents that we have stored for you! Click on the check marks to download individual compliance documents, and hover over the icons to show you relevant information such as compliance dates, expirations, thumbnails of the specific documents, etc.


Boom! Easy enough, right?

But, we don’t just end there. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a “Send Report” button. Clicking that will have our system compile of the relevant compliance documents for you in one nice, organized, package. Don’t worry, we’ll e-mail it to you!

Local_Counsel_Collective___Audit 2

Remember: This only took us about 30 minutes after a client made the suggestion. Just think of what we can do when we are on vacation! Keep the ideas coming!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy the Indy 500, and remember those in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice for our families.

– Staff @ LCC