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Jun 07, 2016 by Brandon

New Feature – Billing Codes


Some of our clients want separate invoices for different “groups” of hearings.  These likely correspond to different creditors, certain attorneys, or business units internally. 

To set up codes, our clients may now click on the button “Codes” on their home page, then add their custom code with a description. In the above example, they may want an invoiced grouped solely for one creditor, so they put in a three character code and description of what it means to them. Now, when they go to create a hearing in our system for coverage, there is a new field called “billing code” where they pick from the list created.  They will continue to get a master invoice overview but now they also receive custom invoices broken out by the codes they choose to help them keep track of their business. Pretty cool, huh?

We love innovation and love suggestions from our clients. Tell us what would make your firm’s business easier and more efficient and we’ll make it happen for you.