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February Releases

Mar 02, 2013 by Brandon

Each week, we take input from our customers and continue to evolve our service by releasing new software updates.  Some of these things are minor.  Some are major.  Here is a wrap up of some of this month’s highlights.

Client Users

Dataview: Hearing History – This view will allow you to view a record of hearings organized by date, our locator, your file number, and hearing location. You can change the date range displayed to suit your viewing needs.

Bundle Discounts:   Over the next several days you will notice that we’ve decreased our percentage for bundle discounts. Don’t worry, it’s barely 1% and with SuperBundles (i.e. Cross-Client Bungle Discounts) – you’re still saving a whole bunch. Plus, our standard base rate is still cheaper than the competition. Attorneys – You will still be compensated the same amount for your services and time.

Dataview: Price Per County – Here you can see  the average prices you have paid for hearings in individual counties. You can narrow your viewing to state and a selected date range.

Metric: Mean Time To Post (MTTP) was added to your Metrics widget towards the bottom of your home screen. This is the amount of lead time you have between posting a hearing to our website and the date the hearing occurs.  For everyone’s mutual benefit, we encourage the overall number to be around 7 days or greater. This allows adequate time for your hearing to be covered as well as giving our attorneys sufficient prep time.

Copies of Hearing Reports to one particular email address – A few of our clients have expressed their desire to have all hearing reports emailed to one person in particular. If you would like to activate this feature, click on the “Application” button on the lower left hand column of your home screen. Then at the bottom of the Client Edit Page you will find the box where you may type the desired email address.  Be sure to click “Save” before leaving the page.  This is only available to the master user on your account.

Attorney Users

Failed to Cover Hearing Because of Good Standing Email – If you receive this email, it is because you tried to cover a hearing for a client that requires proof that you are in good standing. A letter of Good Standing, licensing website print out or Bar Card needs to be uploaded to our website. The email will contain instructions on how to do this. (Note: Although Local Counsel Collective does not require this information, we strongly encourage that you do not wait to upload the documents until you receive this notification. We can not guarantee that by the time you have uploaded the document and it has been validated by a staff member that the hearing will not have been covered by another attorney in our network. To learn more about uploading insurance, bar card, visit Compliance Center for Attorneys)

All Users

Better Search Feature – We have installed an updated search engine to help you find what you are looking for in a more straightforward manner.  Looking for your “Kentucky hearings”?  Just type that phrase.  Looking for a specific hearing?  Type its locator, or file number, or part of the case caption, or location, or anything to do with the hearing, really.  The search box has auto-suggest to help guide you as to where you might find matches.   The search results themselves now have spell-checking  highlight matching, and more.  Its pretty full featured.  We will monitor the types of things you ask it and if it’s not getting the results we think you should, we will be teaching it to do so.  Hope you enjoy this powerful addition.

As always – We believe in delivering advanced, easy to use, technology, superior customer service and outstanding pricing. All with honesty and transparency. If you have any questions, please let us know. We’re really easy to reach!

-Your Friends @ LCC