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Focus on the Average Price – Win the Game

Aug 30, 2013 by Brandon
April 2011 - April 2013 (IN, KY, & OH)


The above info-graphic is something we’ve been showing a lot of our clients lately. It’s pretty cool. It was created from our metrics back in April of this year. What it shows is the average price of a single hearing from April 2011 to April 2013 in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. (That’s where we started.)

Everything to the left of the arrow were a result of increased volume and especially our bundle discounts. The green arrow represents October 2012 when we released SuperBundles, or cross-client bundle discounts. Boom! The overall average price drops steeply. Result: Incredibly low hearing costs across the board, on average. You save a ton of money.


What are the conclusions and lessons we and our clients can draw from this? First, our system works. More volume, more clients, exclusive relationships equals increased savings and vastly lower costs. If you have colleagues in other collection firms, send them over to us. It can only help you. However, the most important point chart makes is…

Focus on overall, and average, hearing prices. We promise that we are working hard to bring you lowest hearing prices in the country. However, we will be the first to admit that some counties are tougher. There are a shortage of attorneys, attorneys that are busy or on vacation, conflicts, etc. Sometimes, we may ask for a bit more for a fee to get your hearing covered. But, we try hard to make it a rare occurrence. Don’t focus on those single, outlying hearings. Think of the chart above and the over-all average hearing prices LCC is bringing your firm.

In spite of everything above, please also know that we constantly identify difficult counties and work hard to bring attorneys into the fold, and working within the LCC system. We care about covering your difficult hearings, lets get you coverage, and in the mean time, we’ll work doubly hard to solve whatever issues are present in the trouble spots! Hearing coverage is like a game (but more important) – Let’s win it!

As always, we value your business and our relationship. Please log in and say, “Hi!” via instant message. If you ever need anything, we’re super easy to get a hold of.

– Your Friends @ LCC