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How We Protect Our Clients

Oct 18, 2012 by Brandon

Though LCC is fairly new, our staff has had their fingers on the pulse of the legal collection industry for quite some time. We’ve heard the concerns of some of our firms when client auditing season rolls around. In the past, our clients would reach out to each of their stand-in or appearance counsel and request validation documents such as a “Certificate of Good Standing” and an “Insurance Declaration Sheet.” They would then open individual hard copy files for all of their attorneys, or worse….an Excel Spreadsheet.

We’re going to make your life easier, impress the next bank’s auditor and make sure you’re protected. Here’s how:

Several weeks ago, we released the Attorney Compliance Center. We  told our attorney network first so they can being to scan and upload certifying documents to their account. Well, we’re telling our law firms about it now, though they may have discovered it on their own.

From your Client Home Page, click on the locator for one of your hearings. For example: SUU1B1

We've blacked out some of the text to protect our users.

That will bring you to the “Hearing Overview” page. From here, click on the “Appearance” link to the left to find out who will stand-in for you at court.

Next step is to actually click on the attorney’s name to bring you to the “Attorney’s Account.” In the below example, I am going to click on “Jawn _____” ….

Which takes me to Jawn’s attorney account. The first page you see will be the attorney “Overview” page. Here, you can see at a glance the attorney’s performance, appearances, most prolific county appearances and her “Compliance Badges.” (See yellow arrows.) Let’s take it one more step, and click on the “Compliance” link to the left. (See red arrow.)

This is the good stuff for you department managers out there. Next time your firm is in the middle of an audit, and the auditor asks you about certifying documents for an attorney who appeared on your behalf – you no longer have to go through a file cabinet, search an Excel Spreadsheet or go through 20 sub-folders on your computer to get the correct information. Now:

1. Open your web browser, log in to our website;

2. Find the attorney/hearing – and go the Compliance Center;

3. Review the attorney’s badges, contract signature, and download bar and insurance validation documents; and

4. Pass audit, impress clients, get more business.

As always, we appreciate your business, and we care about the compliance and protection of our client law firms. If you have additional requests, suggestions…anything, please let us know at (800) 910-1492, ext. 1 or

– Your Friends @ LCC