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New Hearing Bundle Pricing

Oct 27, 2016 by Brandon


New Bundle Pricing!

Local Counsel Collective has always been focused on giving our clients the best hearing coverage pricing in the industry. We sharpened our pencils again and revamped our bundle pricing structure. Check it out and post bundles with us today!



We appreciate our clients’ business and strive to provide more value every day for their appearance counsel budget.

It’s hard to believe but we’ve been around for nearly six years.  We have had tremendous growth by listening to our customers and reacting to their needs. Our technology and agile system sets us apart from anyone else in the industry. Along with that value, we also want to be #1 in pricing for our clients.

Lately, we have seen an increased pressure to implement “price limits” or “price caps”.  If you aren’t familiar, a company might say “I can cover 11-15 hearings for $400.”  It sounds great to some because it seems to fix your price.  Why doesn’t Local Counsel Collective do this?  

Let me tell you why.

Because it would cost you more money and that is not how we operate.

When we got started doing appearance counsel, we looked at the current market and various pricing strategies and looked for the grey areas.  We asked ourselves, “Where are people overpaying?  Where can we reduce costs?”  One spot, for example, was to price based on the hearing type.  If we can get “motion A” covered for $5 less than “motion B”, let’s do that!

Another spot where we saw this type of looseness in pricing was in the ranges of the “price caps”.  So if they say they will cover 11-15 hearings for $400, but you only ever post 11 hearing bundles, what is happening?  You are overpaying.  You left 4 hearings on the table.  If you posted exactly 15 hearings every time, you are hitting the mark.  The reality is that it is always going to be a blend between 11 and 15 so you are going to lose most of the time.

Instead, we price based on the exact number of hearings so you can save money at every level.  So, we don’t just say “11-15 hearings is a flat rate of $400”. 

#of hearings / Price*
13 = $360.75
14 = $378.00
15 = $397.50
More? Never over $399 — price limit

*This is based on national averages and may be lower in your counties


We even have this neat calculator, so you can get exact pricing based on hearing type, number of hearings, and location. Find it directly on your home page with the “Discount” button.

Notice, at 15, we line up (beat, actually) with the “capped price of $400” of the other guys. But at the hearing levels below 15 we saved you more money.  That’s what I’m talking about! Our formula saves you money all the way from 1 hearing to more than 50 of them.

Oh, and if by chance, you get better pricing from a competitor, show us the invoice. We’ll beat it. Every time.

I hope this clarifies how our prices work.  Our system is built to save you money.

Not a client with us, yet? Well, give us a try – it’s FREE to sign up.


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