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New Hearing Type Selector

Oct 14, 2012 by Brandon

Welcome to the new!

I know our clients have gotten used to going through a list of 100+ service types to find their particular motion or hearing. However, for our newer clients and those that upload a wide range of hearing types, it gets cumbersome and is incredibly time-consuming.  If only there was a way to make the selection process more logical given that we are all familiar with the legal timeline and how an account goes through our various processes…

So what did we do?

Instead of a drop-down menu on the “new hearing” page, there is now a button.

Well, we first figured that our clients  handled  5 different types of cases, which they ultimately expect LCC to know about and be able to secure attorney coverage for the various motion that are filed and their respective hearings: Collections, Foreclosure Small Claims, Subrogation, and Bankruptcy.

When you click on the new Hearing Type Selector, you will see this:

From there, try clicking on “Collections.” You will then be presented 3 sub-categories: Pre-Judgment, Judgment,  and Post-Judgment.

Pre-Judgement includes any motions, such as discovery requests, motions to dismiss, amend, etc. Judgment hearings are those where a judgment is sought, for example, a motion for default judgment, summary judgment, bench trials and the like. Post-Judgment includes hearings like wage garnishment, bank levies, and debtor’s exams.

We understand that change is difficult and usually, not welcomed. In fact, you’re probably pretty quick with that old, drop-down menu. However, we promise this will make you more efficient and selecting a hearing type will be super-fast after a few days. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions/criticisms – please let us know. We starve for feedback!

– Your Friends @ LCC