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Oct 13, 2014 by Brandon

Remember back in June, when we discussed Offers? You know, attorney rejects a certain hearing, but offers to cover it at a different price point? Well, we’ve made it easier for everyone involved!

Now, when an attorney views a hearing opportunity, like always, the attorney has the option to reject the current offered fee and propose a new fee. Why would they ask for a different fee? A lot of reasons. Maybe there is a drive involved, that particular court is notoriously slow, busy schedule, hearing is a little more complex than others, etc. Now, when an attorney offers to cover a hearing at a different fee, our client will receive an e-mail like this one:



The above e-mail will give you all the relevant information. Click on the green button, and you will be brought to the “Offers” tab of the hearing overview page. From there, you can accept or reject the attorney’s offer. If it is accepted, the attorney will get an e-mail notification. (IMPORTANT: Just because an offer has been accepted, the attorney still has to log in, review, and select the hearing. There are no contracts formed on the basis of the terms “offer” and “acceptance.” Those words are just for ease of explanation!) In addition – other attorneys can also cover the hearing at the new fee. So, attorneys – please pay attention to your inbox!

Clients: You are not obligated to take actions on these offers. Sometimes, an increase in fee is appropriate. Most of the time, it is not. It’s up to you, and as always, every attempt is made to cover all your hearings, cost-effectively.

Word of warning to our network attorneys: 99% of our hearings are covered without an increase of fees. If you over-use the “offer” tool, you will likely receive less business over time because other network attorneys are covering the hearings at the posted fee.

So, we hope our users enjoy this new stream-lined process. Transparency is the name of the game!

Let us know if you have any questions.

– Staff@LCC