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Our Attorneys Like to Get Hearing Documents Online

Sep 20, 2012 by Brandon


Local Counsel Collective has changed the way that collection firms retain outside attorneys to cover simple hearings across the country. We want to be your “one stop shop” for everything associated with covering your hearings. Likewise, our attorney network wants to go to one website to review your hearing request, complete their calendar and conflict check, evaluate and download your documents and pleadings associated with that particular hearing, and afterward – upload your hearing results.  In fact, some of our attorneys have our app on their iPad or Android Tablet that they take with them to court. From our app they can download documents, review hearing information and instantly upload hearing results to our website.

Essentially, we would like our client law firms to start posting the relevant documents associated with their hearing on our website. It will make life easier for everyone….including your staff. We promise.


Our website and document database are secure. Which means your sensitive documents are secure. How secure? Very. Our system is verified to use the best encryption available between our servers and our users. In addition, we hire a service to scan our website and database every night to look for possible areas of exploit. They haven’t found one yet. Finally, we have the best “computer nerds” money can buy.

What documents are our attorneys looking for?

  • Any pleadings which are associated with that particular hearing such as Motions, Briefs, Replies and Exhibits;
  • Complaint or Amended Complaint;
  • Answer;
  • POE or Financial Institution Responses to garnishment requests;
  • Court Orders;
  • Return of Service documents;
  • Affidavits of Debt;
  • Internal Debtor Questionnaire; and
  • Law Firm Instructions regarding expected outcomes.

Now, we (and our attorneys) don’t need or want all the documents associated with an entire account or case. Just the relevant ones. We leave that judgment call to the experts, our Clients.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail, call or chat with us online. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!