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2012.06.10 Release

This week we spent some time on a few things not visible to our customers. But as always, we were able to work through the various suggestions provided via our ticket system and bring you a few new things to play with. General Highlights US1284: Hearing History – Now there is a “history” sub-tab on […]

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Jun 10 by Brandon

2012.06.02 Release

Summer is in full swing! We finished out May which was the biggest month we have had in our history. So to celebrate, we spent some of our cycles this week improving things that we use internally to bring you the service. But we also threw in a few new goodies. General Highlights US1228: Redundancy […]

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Jun 03 by Brandon

Network Attorneys: Getting the Relevant Information

  Attorneys: Our clients are leaders in the collection industry. As such, they have developed the mindset that every contact with a debtor or Defendant should be used as an opportunity to get financial and asset information, or to use it to open the door to a possible resolution of the court case / delinquent  account. […]

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May 29 by Brandon

2012.05.28 Release

Some of our staff just returned from a road trip where we visited with some of our top clients and attorneys in Kentucky. It was a great trip and we got some good feedback. Some things will take longer to bake but we were able to quickly address a handful of things that were brought […]

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May 28 by Brandon

2012.05.20 Release – Integrations

In this week’s release, we are announcing some advanced integration capabilities that will allow others to start expanding on the Local Counsel Collective platform. Our goal is to allow for other systems that are used in the collections data flow to communicate with us. CSV Import Commas-separated values (CSV) is a common (yet, old!) way […]

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May 20 by Brandon

2012.05.13 Release

Highlights US1102: Updated Terms of Use – We have changed our Terms of Use for the first time in our history. A few small changes that have been brought to our attention over time were addressed. You will be presented with the changes upon login to accept. US1128: Updated Widgets – You can now hide […]

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May 14 by Brandon

2012.05.06 Release

Happy Birthday to us! On May 5th 2011, Local Counsel Collective covered its first hearing. Since then there have been thousands more. Our system has grown week over week to adapt to the demands of our customers. So while we were eating some cake, we still got another release out the door to make things […]

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May 06 by Brandon

Adding a New User to a Client Account

The Master Account holder (aka the person who originally opened the account) has the ability to add multiple sub-users to their account.  This allows all enabled users to post and edit hearings. To add a new user to your account follow the steps below. Step 1: Scroll to bottom of home screen, press on the […]

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Apr 30 by Brandon

2012.04.29 Release

Our release for this week focused on a few performance issues that we were noticing for some of our bigger clients. So we were able to identify a few key bottlenecks and speed up some basic operations, such as the saving of hearings. Another place were we noticed things slowing down was on the hearing […]

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Apr 29 by Brandon

2012.04.22 Release

Here at Local Counsel Collective, we roll out iterative software releases each weekend while our customers are asleep. Each new release contains a variety of changes based on input from our customers. Ever wanted the web site to do something it doesn’t? Tell us. Ever thought something could be quicker only if [insert blank]? Tell […]

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Apr 22 by Brandon