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Protecting your Foreclosure Matters with Experience

Jan 11, 2015 by Brandon

As most of our clients know, we’ve been covering foreclosure hearings, sales, and settlement conferences since day 1. But, in the interests of transparency, it’s a very small percentage of our business. Mostly, we cover retail/consumer collection matters.

That’s about to change…

For the past year or so, our clients have been very interested in using our compliance and auditing features, our extensively screened attorney network, and our auditing and compliance functions to cover more and more of their foreclosure matters. One inquiry that keeps on coming up is: “We love how your gamification ensures that we get the best available attorney for every hearing. But, how can we incorporate your process of hearing coverage and compliance with foreclosure appearances, given the increased complexity of this area of the law? Especially in Florida.”

Florida. Sure. No problem. But nationwide?

As Tim, our Brand Manager, is fond of saying: We’ve got you covered!

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been auditing every one of our more than 6,000 attorneys and screening them for foreclosure experience and conflicts. We’ve asked them a litany of questions with the goal of determining whether they should be “LCC Foreclosure Certified.” They’ve responded en masse. And…they were very transparent.

For those attorneys that have significant experience in the area of foreclosure on the bank/creditor side, they will earn the rare and coveted LCC Foreclosure Badge:

Local_Counsel_Collective___Attorney___Parks__Chad Sure…it doesn’t look that fancy. But when you upload a foreclosure matter, not only will these “LCC Certified” attorneys be notified of the opportunity first before non “certified” attorneys, but you will take comfort in knowing that due diligence was performed and your expectations and goals will be met.

We have best-in-class compliance features, customer service, responsive attorneys, and technology. We listen to our users and adapt to their needs and the creditor rights industry. As always, if you have a feature request or some constructive feedback, we’re very easy to reach. Let us know!

Stay Warm!