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QuickNews Break Hits the Stands

Nov 26, 2014 by Brandon

QuickNews Break

Local Counsel Collective – We’ve got it covered!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a super day full of family, food, and fun (and naps on the sofa after the big meal).  Welcome to our first edition of our QuickNews Break newsletter we’re emailing out to all of our users. It’s intended to be a little informative, light-hearted, and hopefully brighten your day a bit. We welcome suggestions, comments, or ideas for articles, please send them along.  

If you didn’t get our first newsletter, please check your junk and/or spam folders. Some of the topics for next week’s edition will be new features and updates, readers’ hobbies responses, another “meet the staff” profile, and 5 things to be thankful for during the holidays. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!
Local Counsel Collective is now in its 3rd year of finding high quality contract attorneys to cover hearings for our clients. We truly appreciate every one of the clients and attorneys involved in our success story and look forward to continuing a great future together.
26 Nov 2014
“Meet the Gang”
Shelly Ialenti
Shelly is our Customer Success Manager here at LCC, working to help our clients be as happy as possible. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her family.

“I enjoy the outdoors all around. I like to hike, camp, horseback ride, hang out at a lake. I like to fish but have no interest in eating them…anything to take advantage of this beautiful state and be outside I am into.  Other favs include take naps, walk my dogs and play with my kids, I like good beer and red wine…Not necessarily in that order. My favorite food is Mexican but I make a mean spaghetti sauce. I have a true weakness for Starbucks coffee and am crazy for sugar cookies with frosting.”

26 Nov 2014
NARCA Conference Recap
Local Counsel Collective attended NARCA again, this time in Las Vegas, baby! Here are some of the things we came away with from the conference.Attendance seemed good and we had a nice amount of traffic visit our booth. We handed out cool poker chips filled with goodies, Starbucks gift cards, and some gift baskets to our clients who came by to chat with us. Although we were dying to catch some shows and check out other Vegas offerings, we were busy meeting great folks, manning (and womanning) our booth, and even doing a little presenting of our own.Our VP and General Counsel, Eric Jungbauer, had the privilege of participating and presenting on a panel. His presentation covered the hurdles LCC had to overcome (and still is overcoming) in the collection hearing coverage business. “The well has been tainted” by sloppy coverage, lack of information and supporting documentation, and compliance issues. It’s a big (HUGE) ship but we’re slowly turning that perception around, both with our clients and the courts in which our contract attorneys appear. If you’d like a copy of Eric’s great presentation, please contact me and I’m happy to send it to you.
 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays
Some of us at Local Counsel Collective love the holiday season. They insist on wearing festive clothing, humming Perry Como Christmas songs, and baking cookies so sugary your teeth get cavities when you look at them. Well, maybe the cookies are ok but the rest of it? I’d rather run down Michigan Avenue in December in my underwear and covered in Vicks Vapor Rub than fight crowds in the stores. Before you feel sorry for me (or want to strangle me for being “anti-holiday”), I’m only joking around.Still, I’d like to offer my five ways to survive the holiday season:

  1. Buy a month’s supply of TV dinners and make sure your Netflix account is up to date.
  2. Use up those left over vacation days and head to Aruba (bring a laptop so you can still post and/or view hearings).
  3. Wear a sweatsuit to work so you’ll have room to grow while eating all the food from gift baskets and overzealous wanna be pastery chef co-workers bringing in daily treats.
  4. Cover 20 hearings a day with us and simply camp out at the courts to avoid traffic and people. (BONUS: you’ll end up winning King of the County!).
  5. Give in and embrace the excitement and fun with family and friends. Heck, maybe even sing a couple of Perry Como Christmas songs yourself (regardless of which holiday you celebrate).

Share your favorite holiday story with me and one of them may end up in our next newsletter. Happy Holidays!

What’s Your Hobby?
Our President here at Local Counsel Collective not only runs 100 mile races but he actually seems to enjoy it. Brandon, as seen in the above photo, has finished the Leadville 100 mile run three times. The race takes place at elevations between 10,000-12,600 feet. Crazy? I can’t say that publicly (because he’s my boss) but I will say that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea…What do you do when you’re not working? Click the link below and let me know. I’ll include some of your responses in our next newsletter.
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