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Standing Out From The Crowd

Oct 09, 2014 by Brandon

Transparency Alert! … Local Counsel Collective is a business. We operate to generate a profit. We have employees, contractors, expenses, families to feed, etc. So, how do we make our money? For every hearing (other than a few exceptions) we charge a small service fee that is separate from the attorney fee. (Gotta make sure we provide our services within ethical guidelines.) This fee is usually less than $15, and sometimes as low as $1 in large bundles. On average, it’s about $7 per hearing.

Question: What do YOU get for your $7?

Answer: A whole lot of cool things!

  1. Advanced Online Software … NOT developed by a contractor or outside firm. Our stuff is “home brewed” by our in-house computer geek and President/Fearless Leader, Brandon.
  2. Adding to #1, above, we receive feedback from you, and we update our website as appropriate given your suggestions!
  3. Easy To Use Interface.
  4. Some of the lowest fees in the Country.
  5. Software that analyzes every jurisdiction, every night to determine the lowest possible coverage fee.
  6. Cross-Client Discounts. Every hearing you post always has a chance to be reduced to an even lower fee. Higher volume from all clients = lower cost!
  7. Crowdsourcing Data:  Not only for the lowest fees, but also for the best, most reliable, attorneys. Hint: You can “like” and “dislike” hearing reports. That helps…A Lot!
  8. Compliance Center. We store, track, and update every attorney document for you. Make short work of your next audit!
  9. Speaking of audits, Local Counsel Collective carries a $2 million E&O policy for rainy days.
  10. Your reports are sent to you within 24 hours.  Ever have trouble getting a report from an attorney?  We don’t.
  11. Almost immediate feedback and problem solving through our Help Ticket System.
  12. An online chat program where you can talk with us about your hearings, or how Todd Gurley, from the University of Georgia is the Hesiman favorite this season.
  13. Instant Attorney reporting and tracking via our smartphone apps.
  14. A small, family business where the owners are doing everything from client services to answering the hundreds of phone calls we get everyday. Our clients have our direct lines and e-mail addresses.
  15. Your staff doesn’t have to make those insufferable phone calls to attorneys, can toss that fax machine out the window,  they don’t have to stalk covering attorneys for hearing results, and YOU don’t have to track compliance documents. We do all that! Allocate your personnel resources toward responsibilities that make your firm money.
  16. Awesome Customer Service! Like we said above, we’re a family style business with a staff that cares about the business, our clients, and one another. You are the reason we are here and we appreciate you!

$7 goes a long way, huh?

There are 3,144 counties and parishes in the United States. One website, Local Counsel Collective, has you covered, at the lowest price, in each one, and at any time.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns…we’re very easy to get a hold of.

Staff @ LCC


Oh…”One More Thing“: Our surprise release and update for NARCA Fall 2014. It’s top secret, but here’s a hint: