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Jan 31, 2014 by Brandon



We want our attorneys to get ahead.

One way we offer our assistance (other than the obvious hearing assignments) is keeping up on current technology and analyzing how we can incorporate the newest of the new into LCC and make it available to our network attorneys. Another way is providing efficient communication which is to the point and doesn’t clutter your inbox and distract you from your practice. With, a couple new things:

First, we have updated our notification/subscription settings for ease of use and efficient review. Now, when you log into your attorney account, you can click on the black “Subscriptions” button on the left had side of your page. You will see several options, giving you the choice of what communications from us you want to see, and in what form (e-mail, SMS text messaging, etc.) For very important notifications, you may even receive an automated fax or phone call from us.

We recently overhauled our appearance reminders. In the past, if you had 10 hearings scheduled for “tomorrow” – you would receive 10 separate e-mails, one for each hearing. Well, now, we’ve combined those 10 e-mails into one, easy to read message. (De-cluttering your inbox is always a good thing.) If, instead (or in addition), you want to receive a text message with the same option, you can select that option.

If you can think of anything, anything at all, that will help with the volume of e-mail you receive, please let us know. Remember, you can always manage your e-mail/notifications, from the “Subscriptions” page.


You know what we like at LCC? We LOVE Dropbox. It’s simple, powerful, and cheap (FREE for most users.) It syncs everywhere, on every device. Check it out here. (ProTip: Watch the video – it explains what it does in very simple terms.) Well now, you can link your Dropbox account with your LCC Attorney Account! Why do you care? Well, when your accounts are linked, for every hearing that you cover, a new folder (designated with the hearing locator) is created in your Dropbox, and all attachments and hearing documents will be automatically added for your review, use, and printing. To get started, from your attorney homepage, click on the black “Dropbox” button on the left.

More Information? Check out our Wiki.

One last thing. For now on, if you reject a hearing on our website, there will be a small box where you can type in the fee which you would require to cover this hearing. We track these sorts of things. Word of warning, our client will probably approve the lowest fee from the most qualified attorney in our network. We appreciate your input as it helps our system appropriately price hearing fees in each county throughout the country.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help you make your life easier.

– Staff @ LCC