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The BIG Social Push & We Want to Give Someone an iPad Mini

Mar 01, 2014 by Brandon


On a day-to-day basis, one of the most important things we do is recruiting attorneys to join our network. I mean, why would an attorney not want to join? It’s free, we don’t hassle you, and you can make money. What’s not to love? One of our goals is to make sure every attorney and law student in the country knows what we offer. Secondary to that, every tech-forward, solo, or small firm attorney in every county and parish across our beautiful Country signs up for an account with us. Not too difficult, right?

So, there are the traditional methods of making that happen. We can call them. But that’s a lot of cell phone minutes. Or we put up billboards. Or buy a blimp. Or run a clever Superbowl ad! Um, the boss just said that’s not gonna happen. Well, we’re a tech company, we might as well jump on the social networking “craze” – and see if we can make a dent.

But, we need your help! And, one of you will get something in return. A brand new, shiny iPad mini — plus our Local Counsel Collective app!


When you log in to your attorney account, you will see a message up top about our social networking push. You will also see our icons.


Please click on those beautiful buttons! On April 1, 2014*, we will randomly select a network attorney who has done one or more of the following:

  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Connect to Local Counsel Collective on LinkedIn.
  • Follow @localcounsel on Twitter.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile so it says you are a “Contract Attorney with Local Counsel Collective”.
  • Log in to your LCC account, go to your profile, and connect it to your LinkedIn account (pssst — we upgrade your account when you do that!).

That’s it! Each item you complete in the list above will enter you with another chance to win.

Thank you for your help. If you know any attorneys or law students who would be interested in what we do, send ’em our way!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

– Staff @ LCC

* No, this isn’t an “April Fool’s” joke. We’re really going to give away an iPad.