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Volume and Efficiency

Mar 06, 2013 by Brandon

When we started operations in May 2011, the founders of LCC had a vision of offering a hearing coverage solution that was different. Easier to use, cost-effective, with outstanding customer service and a philosophy of constant “technology evolution.”

Based upon our market research, collection firms across the country, that don’t use LCC, pay on average of $75-150 per hearing. These firms have large calendar and scheduling departments that coordinate hearing coverage with many different vendors, solo-attorneys and small firms utilizing facsimile, “snail mail”, playing phone tag, dredging through ever expanding contact lists…all while trying to keep up with creditors’ compliance standards. Our goal is take those valuable scheduling people, make their jobs easier and more efficient and provide a solution to reallocate personnel talent to functions which produce revenue for law firms.

There’s  a better way. It’s us!

Our “nerdy” co-founder, Brandon, constantly remarks that “eventually, LCC should only charge $0.99 per hearing.” Now, that is said with tongue in cheek.  But it is somewhat telling, and Brandon is trying to prove a point with hearing volume and “firm exclusivity.” One of our goals is to get every creditor’s rights firm in the entire country on our system. Our network attorneys will be in every court, on every day. Instead of having 5 different firms sending 5 different attorneys for 5 different hearings to the same court, all at $75 per hearing – LCC will send one attorney to cover all 5 hearings for a total of $115…cost spread across all of our clients. Our network attorneys know that the time investment in 5 simple procedural hearings is negligible compared to covering 1 hearing. Even in “cattle call” based courts. Our network attorneys make more money, our client law firms slash their hearing coverage budget. Everyone wins.

Over the past 6 months, since we released Cross-Client Bundling, we’ve been making a big push to get our clients in each region to use us exclusively for hearing coverage. It was an easy decision for our clients that have been with us since the beginning. Many of them have already contacted their local attorneys urging them to sign up with us. Since then, they’ve seen their average hearing price go from $75-150 to $40 and lower. This is just the beginning.

We’ve shown success with this hearing coverage model in the Mid-West. We’re working hard to bring it to every region of the country. We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished with the help of our network attorneys and our client law firms. We look forward to growing with our clients and sharing our success with our attorneys.

-Your Friends @ LCC

Q: Is that picture appropriate? Casting a wide net? Get it….?   🙂