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We Are Strong on Compliance – Are You?

Mar 14, 2016 by Brandon

PartnersOur compliance center is kind of like a combination of Apple and Fort Knox – constantly updated and with the highest security. We’re attorney owned, so we know what our clients need and what’s expected from our professional network attorneys.

Things we keep for all our network attorneys that are available to our clients with a click of a button include:

  • Provide insurance information and, if insured, supporting documentation
  • Criminal background check
  • Licensing and good standing
  • Terms of use
  • Agree to NDA
  • FDCPA certification
  • Bar card
  • Resume

So, the next time you get audited, think about Local Counsel Collective. We give you a key to the most robust and secure compliance center in the industry. Oh, and by the way, our hearing prices are killer, too.

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