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Where’s Your Crown?

Aug 22, 2014 by Brandon

So, by now, most of our network attorneys have seen the phrase “King of the County” in some of our e-mails, or on your account overview page, etc. But…what does it mean?

Well, our best performing attorneys across the country sort of “compete” for a crown in each county or parish. Those that cover the most hearings in a specific jurisdiction, have the best mean time to report hearing outcomes, and cover available hearings the quickest will claim the “crown” in that area.

LCC Network Attorney: “Well that’s all fine and good, gives me warm fuzzies – but what does it mean* to me?”

LCC: “Excellent question my valued LCC Network Attorney! When you are the king of a county and hold the crown, you will be notified of all available hearings in that county before anyone else. You will get rights of first refusal. There some exceptions. For example, those attorneys who are already scheduled in that Court, when we know about it, will get additional hearings first to maximize attorney profit for that day and increase savings for our client.

But, for the most part, you will pretty much get all the business in that jurisdiction, ahead of other attorneys.

LCC Network Attorney: “Does my office have to be located in that county to get the crown?”

LCC: “Nope! Your office can be a zillion miles away and you can still capture the crown. If this were a perfect world, we would have one local attorney in each jurisdiction who would also hold the crown. But that isn’t much fun. And, we like to reward attorneys who do a little driving for us.”

So, keep an eye on some of our notifications. We will give you hints when you are close to capturing or losing a crown! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We starve for feedback.


* What the attorney is referring to is $$$.