A modern solution.


  • We are serious about your client’s privacy. We employ SSL encryption, daily security scans and audits, and various industry security best practices to keep your data safe. Our data center is SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70), SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001 certified. Every staff member utilizes the highest quality security software available and we have two-step verification access to enter our site. And in case the unforeseen does happen, we have a two million dollar insurance policy safeguard to cover the rest.

Mean Time To Cover (MTTC)

  • We will cover your hearings fast! Oh, yeah? How fast? We have numbers.
  • We measure how long it takes from the moment you post a hearing to when it gets covered by an attorney. We strive for each hearing to take less than 24 hours. Some only take minutes. We monitor the average and show you right on your dashboard above. You deserve quick coverage and having the numbers available keeps us all honest.

Cost Effective

  • We start off with a low flat fee per hearing, then the system automatically and continuously looks for other hearings in that area at the same time and bundles them together at progressively discounted pricing. It gets better. Our proprietary software also cross-references all hearings from different clients and “super bundles” the ones occurring in the same location at the same time, which further discounts the fees. The more hearings you post with us, the more opportunity for you to reduce costs.


  • The majority of web use is now on a mobile device and we recognize that our clients and contract attorneys need the most effective way to stay untethered to their offices, so our mobile apps are refined and updated constantly. With an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, our attorneys stay connected even on the go! Mobile push notifications are sent to attorneys to inform them of opportunities, they are able to cover hearings with one click, check their integrated calendars, and connect with our staff and clients from anywhere.

Responsive and Agile

  • We practice agile development. What this means for you is that you can expect us to be constantly improving based on your feedback. Our system is updated weekly with new features based on input from our customers. Constantly evolving…that’s us together!

One Invoice

  • How nice would it be to receive one invoice instead of dozens every month from different attorneys? Think about only having to cut one payment for all your hearing coverage each month. We handle all the billing and paying of our contract attorneys. We send you one invoice and you write one check.


  • Your clients’ requirements are setting our compliance standards. Each contract attorney is screened for experience and FDCPA training. Our fully automated self-service compliance center and auditing functions utilize your most important metrics and it’s available 24 hours a day. Our system pulls disciplinary and good standing information on all 6,000 contract attorneys in our network every 30 days. and all applications from contract attorneys are verified by our staff. Insurance declaration sheets are scanned and categorized in our system and available to your auditors 24/7. Instead of a “compliance binder” we have an online, agile, always up-to-date Wiki containing our policies and procedures available to anyone. (And you don’t have to ask us for permission — shhh.) Other mandatory requirements to ensure “Docketly Certified” contract attorneys include criminal background checks, electronic signatures, capturing of IP & MAC addresses and specific locales for all agreements and terms for our network users. Ultimately, we have every angle covered when it comes to compliance and provide it to you in a nice clean package at the click of a button.


  • Though we love to talk about our software development and technology that is changing the industry, we rely on our staff to be there for you 24/7. Every one of us truly enjoys our work and communicating with our customers. We can be reached via chat, phone, and email, or heck, write us a letter the old-fashioned way! The point is that we understand that you are the reason we exist and we appreciate you. See what our customers say about us – Testimonials.

“The pricing is reasonable and they’re dependably
there for you when you cannot be.”Craig | Columbia, MO