The competition likes to say they are the “leading” or the “best”. Talk is cheap. Superlatives are free. So we don’t go there. We talk numbers.

From the beginning, we measure our success via numbers.  Or metrics, as we call them.  If something is important to our customers, we measure it.  We monitor it. We set goals.  We share them with you.

Your home page will have a dashboard of various metrics that our customer think are important.  Keep an eye on them if you want.
We are.

Average Price Per Hearing

  • Cost is king. So let’s track it!
  • Your dashboard keeps you up to date on your average price per hearing. We strive to make them less than $65. Some hearings will be more than that based on the hearing type or some difficult geographic location. But most hearings will be less given our bundling and SuperBundling discounts.
  • Our goal is for your average price to keep dropping month over month because of the size of our network. You just keep posting hearings. We will take care of the bottom line for you.

Mean Time To Report (MTTR)

  • When we talk to prospective customers, one pain point is always getting the information on what happened at the hearing in a timely manner. Attorneys get busy and they can’t find the time to get you your results. Sound familiar?
  • Not here. Our goal is to get you your hearing results within 24 hours. Usually its much less. We hold our attorneys accountable. We give them the tools too. They can report via their mobile app right from court where permitted! And we hold them back from future opportunities if they are lagging with their results.

Mean Time To Cover (MTTC)

  • We will cover your hearings fast! Oh, yeah? How fast? We have numbers.
  • We measure how long it takes from the moment you post a hearing to when it gets covered by an attorney. We strive for each hearing to take less than 24 hours. Some only take minutes. We monitor the average and show you right on your dashboard above. You deserve quick coverage and having the numbers available keeps us all honest.

“The pricing is reasonable and they’re dependably
there for you when you cannot be.”Craig | Columbia, MO