A total commitment to service.

Quality ensured

As practicing courtroom attorneys, we have heard the industry concerns about low quality in some attorneys who appear as local counsel. In response, Docketly has developed a 3-tier attorney rating system to ensure that our clients are represented by experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. All of our attorneys are carefully screened for current credentials, areas of practice, and performance. In addition, Docketly provides network attorneys with the resources and contacts they need to ensure quality representation. This is just part of our total commitment to serve collection agencies and law firms.

Exceeding expectations is what we do best

Our attorneys can receive important client/hearing updates via Internet, e-mail and smartphones. Our network of attorneys are required to report detailed hearing results within 24 hours. That means you are notified and can receive detailed hearing results quickly which enhances your bottom-line and your end client’s satisfaction. Best of all, our staff is available during normal business hours in all time zones of the lower 48 states (8 AM Eastern to 5 PM Pacific). Have a problem after hours? Call our 24 hour emergency phone number or email us and your problem will be our priority. Client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Driving costs down

Pricing starts at $65 for single appearances and depending on the hearing type. However, we offer significant discounts for bundles, or multiple hearings in the same court on the same day & time. We also employ internally developed advanced technology to further lower your costs.

No contracts, no obligation

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