A Winning Combination for Collection Attorneys: ABC Legal and Docketly

by Brandon
Sep 16, 2021
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Learn how you can multiply the benefits you receive by working with both these NCBA-certified vendors.

Law firms around the country have utilized ABC Legal because of their excellent reputation for providing service of process. Others have discovered the benefits of working with Docketly to hire appearance attorneys when they simply don’t have the time or resources to make a court appearance.

Since ABC Legal and Docketly have joined forces, it is easier than ever for collection attorneys and law firms to ensure a seamless transition between service of process and court appearances, freeing up valuable time to focus on the things that are most important to their business.

ABC + D Equals Efficiency

ABC Legal utilizes cutting-edge technology tools to automate the service of process reports so that they are streamlined and in compliance with local laws. Automation allows ABC Legal to expedite and generate proof of service reports (which can be automatically eFiled or sent to the customer in states where allowed) and push information from the courts to our platform instantly.

Docketly connects law firms with a nationwide network of appearance attorneys, enabling law firms to scale up without having to take on permanent staff.

Both platforms are designed to increase efficiency for legal practitioners, and together they integrate in order to carry out often cumbersome tasks in a way that is seamless. For example:

  • All ABC Legal case updates are automatically populated within Docketly’s platform. You don’t have to make a separate request or go through the process of making manual modifications.
  • You will receive a notification when a hearing isn’t served. This will enable you to reschedule hearings as soon as possible, rather than wasting time traveling back and forth or trying to untangle the web of confusion that can result when appearance attorney schedules are upended.
  • If your case is taking place in a county where appearance isn’t required on a non-service of process, Docketly’s platform enables you to automatically cancel non-served hearings. You will also be informed if non-service has no impact on court appearances in the jurisdiction where the case is being heard.
  • With proof of service (or non-service) auto-attached to your hearing, you’ll have necessary documentation at your fingertips. You no longer have to spend hours searching for data related to service of process or a scheduled hearing outsourced to an appearance attorney.

Docketly and ABC Legal are more hiring management tools. When used in concert, their efficiencies are amplified to deliver you more time to manage your business.

By combining the services of Docketly and ABC Legal, you can benefit from a single workflow. You will no longer have to jump from platform to platform to get information about service of process or to find out what may be going on with an appearance attorney. Our engineers are cross-trained on both systems. This allows us to ensure that any updates are properly synched and carried out simultaneously.

Go Forward with Confidence: ABC Legal & Docketly Receive NCBA Certification

Recently, both ABC Legal and Docketly were some of the first legal services vendors to become certified under the National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) Subcontractor Oversight Program. Only vendors who meet stringent benchmarks in information security and internal control environments are awarded this certification. Some of the areas the NCBA uses to assess an organization’s information security strengths include:

  • Human resources security and integrity
  • Incident reporting
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Insurance coverage
  • Vendor contracts
  • Customer outreach

Debt collection attorneys and law firms can rest easy knowing that they will no longer have to conduct extensive, time-consuming information security audits. The NCBA certification process ensures that Docketly and ABC Legal are more than capable of meeting the high standards NCBA defines for their legal community.

Why is this certification of utmost importance? You know how disastrous it can be to fall victim to an information security breach. After all, attorney-client confidentiality is at the heart of every attorney-client relationship. The last thing you need is the threat of lawsuits and damage to your hard-won reputation when vendors fail to take concerted steps to ensure information security. The certification program helps put any such worries to bed.

The audit that legal services vendors must undergo in order to achieve certification is one of the most exhaustive in the industry. It involves more than a cursory look at a company while checking off boxes. The auditor asks legal services vendors and subcontractors to take a long, hard look at their information security program and to re-evaluate any weak links that may be identified as part of the audit.

The handful of legal services vendors who have been awarded this designation have only done so by affirming their dedication to all relevant compliance regulations and accepted information security practices. This dedication also shows a strong commitment to building and maintaining a relationship of trust with their law firm partners.

Meet the Docketly and ABC Legal Team at the NCBA 2021 Fall Conference

With the NCBA conference fast approaching, you can visit us in person to learn more about the services we provide. We will be in attendance and would love to schedule a meeting with you during the conference.

As the leading provider of appearance counsel services in the United States, Docketly has long made strong compliance programs a centerpiece of its efforts to build customer confidence. The Subcontractor Oversight Certification Program certification helps to build upon an already strong foundation.

You can count on Docketly and ABC Legal to help keep your information safe and secure while also working hard to move the legal services industry forward. To learn more about Docketly, the value we can bring your firm, and what we are doing to remain on the cutting edge, subscribe to our blog or schedule a demo today.

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