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What Are the Types of Contract Attorneys?

Law firms are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of client service Pandamic Enviroinment. One way to do this is to use contract lawyers. However, in this context, contract lawyers do not specialize in contract law. Instead, they perform legal services on a contract or freelance basis.    According to […]

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Sep 21 by Jana

A Winning Combination for Collection Attorneys: ABC Legal and Docketly

Learn how you can multiply the benefits you receive by working with both these NCBA-certified vendors. Law firms around the country have utilized ABC Legal because of their excellent reputation for providing service of process. Others have discovered the benefits of working with Docketly to hire appearance attorneys when they simply don’t have the time […]

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Sep 16 by Jana

Docketly Legal Updates: August 2021

Consumer Trends, Litigation, and the Current Pandemic Environment Only several months ago vaccines became available for much of the United States population and, as a result (seemingly), consumer credit and spending confidence spiked in the U.S. to a record high in June 2021.  That is, June saw the highest growth in consumer credit in U.S. […]

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Aug 26 by Sam Pierce
Hire the Best Contract Attorneys: 5 Questions to Ask Appearance Counsel Vendors

Introducing Docketly Community Platform for Attorneys

We are excited to announce our online Community platform for Docketly Attorneys, now accessible under the “Community” tab!  We’ve worked alongside legal professionals and consultants from within and outside the company to bring the strongest features and communication to the front of the burgeoning legal technology frontier. Like our attorneys that power our success, we’ve […]

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Aug 16 by Jana

NCBA Certified: Leading the Legal Tech Industry in Information Security

Information security is a growing concern across industries. The prevalence of data grants greater access to information – but also poses additional security risks,data braches and  including hacking, and identity theft.Finding ways to ensure the security and privacy of information is essential – particularly in the legal services industry, due to the large volume of sensitive client […]

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Aug 13 by Asad Tacy

National Creditor’s Bar Association (NCBA) Subcontractor Oversight Assessment Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/30/2021  ABC Legal and Docketly Pass Rigorous Security Assessment Designed by the National Creditors Bar Association Seattle, WA: On July 28, 2021, ABC Legal Services, a nationwide leader in service of process, and Docketly, a top appearance counsel provider, received the National Creditor’s Bar Association (NCBA) Subcontractor Oversight Assessment Certification. ABC Legal and Docketly are […]

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Jul 30 by Jana

Docketly Legal Updates: July 2021

Proposed Data Protection Act of 2021 Recently, a measure was re-introduced in the United States Senate by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D—NY) which, if enacted, would create an agency akin to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) for the purpose of “regulatory oversight of data.” The renewed legislation is entitled the Data Protection Act of 2021, […]

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Jul 14 by Sam Pierce

COVID-19-Related Credit Reporting Errors May Lead to Litigation in Coming Months

COVID-19 has affected many Americans’ credit scores.    Indeed, per one consumer group, there are record numbers of complaints about credit reporting errors since the pandemic struck in 2020 compared to the past several years.  It seems the pandemic is to blame.  Unfortunately, credit scores across the nation continue to fall.    The law in […]

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Mar 18 by Sam Pierce
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (cfpb)

Docketly Legal Updates: February 2021

With the new year comes new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) Task Force recommendations regarding modernizing the consumer financial market. The CFPB Task Force wasted no time in publishing a two-volume, 800-page report on January 5, 2021. The report contains roughly 100 recommendations on ways Congress, the CFPB, State and Federal regulators can modernize and improve […]

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Feb 18 by Sam Pierce