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Trade Windshield Time for Vacation Time

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You tell us the dates, location, compliance needs, and other relevant info, and we’ll line up the right match. You’ll see the attorney’s experience, win rate, report turnaround time, and other relevant info—so it’s easy to get coverage you can trust.

Scale Up

We’re not just for vacations! Using Docketly appearance attorneys is a great way to boost your productivity. Spend more time growing your business and less time traveling to routine status hearings. With Docketly, you can instantly grow your bandwidth.

Feet Up

Tired of having to train associates for your court coverage? Skip the hassle! Docketly makes it easy to get experienced coverage as little or as often as you need. And with our 99.8% win rate, you can finally take a breather!

Not Your Average Appearance Counsel

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Favorable rulings on cases

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You and your firm can do more, this summer and throughout the year.

Auto-Cancel Non-Serves

Docketly's custom settings allow you to auto-cancel non-served hearings in counties that don't require appearance on non-serves. If non-service doesn't impact court appearances for a particular jurisdiction, you'll know that, too.

Sync with Ease

Let our systems communicate details for you. Automate tasks that don't require your start to complete, so you have more time for ones that do.

Favorable rulings on cases