Attorney Jobs for The Gig Economy: Docketly Releases Updated Version of Court Appearance App

by Brandon
Sep 09, 2021
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In July 2021, Docketly released a completely overhauled version of its appearance attorney mobile application. According to Docketly software engineer Brennan Manion, the updated app is now even better optimized for the mobile experience. It offers new and current users a new look, updated features, and an improved user experience for those seeking appearance attorney jobs.   

“The newly revamped app looks completely different [than the previous version], has a friendlier UI, a more modern framework, is easier to navigate, and is much more responsive for mobile users,” he said.   

According to Manion, the new version of the app provides contract appearance attorneys with the following benefits and more: 

  • Increased coverage – making work available in the attorney’s pocket. 
  • On-the-go reporting – attorneys don’t have to wait to get access to a desktop to file a report.  
  • Updated interface and system – increasing accessibility and usability. 
  • Instant access – no more missing out on work because they were away from their computer screen. 
  • Improved communication with Docketly – providing access to email and online chat with the Docketly staff. 
  • Greater control – providing court appearance attorneys with additional control over their schedule, enabling them to work as much as little as they want. 

Feedback from current Docketly users prompted the company to overhaul the app built to help on-demand appearance counsel find contract attorney jobs. “We received feedback from our users that the old app needed improved functionality,” Manion said. “This version is built to be used on a new generation smartphone.” He said that once an appearance attorney signs up for the Docketly web app and receives approval, they can do everything from the phone. “It’s the complete gig economy in one application,” said Manion.

The Rise of Contract Attorney Jobs

According to Reuters, there are currently almost 1,000 open attorney and staff positions listed at 1,000 law firms, including 6,905 open associate jobs. Although larger law firms have been paying out generous salaries and benefits over the past year to attract talent, including signing bonuses between $25,000 and $250,000, the jobs remain unfilled.

With all this money up for grabs, why are all these attorney jobs still open?

According to a Reuters report, the legal landscape is changing, and burnout is a significant concern. In order to retain associates, firms are competing to see how flexible they can be, and those known for requiring long hours in the office appear to be at the biggest disadvantage. Work-family conflict is also a growing issue, and 25 percent of female attorneys and 17 percent of male lawyers have indicated that they are considering giving up their legal careers because of mental health concerns, burnout, and stress.

However, according to the ABA Journal,“flexible hours, long vacations, and the ability to pick and choose your assignments” are a possibility for lawyers – if they decide accept part-time attorney jobs. Contract lawyers – independent contractors hired by other attorneys and firms to work on a contract basis – have much more flexibility and control over their practice than most attorneys who work within the traditional law firm model.

Most freelance attorneys focus on a particular area of law and offer their expertise to other lawyers who need help with a project, such as making a court appearance. Since they choose their assignments and set their schedules, contract attorneys typically enjoy a balanced life through remote, flexible work arrangements handled via a smartphone application.

All lawyers need help with court coverage from time to time due to tight deadlines, heavy caseloads, and conflicting court dates, and the concept of appearance attorneys is not new. However, according to a 2020 CNBC report, more and more lawyers, including New York City Attorney Tracey Steinberg, are getting involved in this trend within the legal profession. Steinberg, who has worked as an appearance attorney for years, says she has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand for freelance attorneys who appear in court on behalf of a client or firm. “Often litigation firms, especially growing ones, will have more court appearances than they have attorneys,” said Steinberg. “I caught on to that trend and decided to jump off the associate-partnership track and full-time become a per-diem attorney.”

Why Should Appearance Attorneys Use the Docketly App?

With the new, improved Docketly app, appearance lawyers can quickly find a hearing to cover that fits their skills and schedule, click the cover button, check for conflicts, cover the hearing, and submit their report. It’s that easy. Here are some of the benefits that the Docketly app provides to contract attorneys who work as appearance counsel:

  • Become a part of a growing attorney network.
  • Work as little or as much as you want.
  • Stay in touch and communicate with ease.
  • Easily submit reports on the go.
  • Avoid spending long hours in your office processing paperwork.
  • Let the work come to you instead of spending time and money networking and soliciting work from large law firms.
  • View and select hearings while away from your computer.
  • Receive notifications regarding new hearings immediately instead of waiting on e-mails.
  • View your account balance and upcoming hearings and information with the click of a button.

As the leading appearance counsel provider, Docketly has more than 10,000 attorneys in its nationwide network of appearance counsel. According to Manion, “Docketly is essentially the Uber model for appearance attorneys for hire.”

For lawyers wondering, “How do I find appearance attorney jobs near me,” the new app is your answer. Docketly’s updated app is free, allows contract lawyers to quickly obtain appearance attorney jobs, understand more fully what they are agreeing to, and earn money at their convenience. To find out how the new version of our app can help you get more court appearance assignments – and get paid more quickly – contact Docketly or visit our website to sign up today.

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