Docketly’s Calendaring Feature Makes Attorney Management a Breeze

by Jana
Nov 11, 2021
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Attorney management can be a nightmare for even the most well-organized law firm. You need to make sure your in-house counsel has what they need when it comes to court filing dates and appearances. If that weren’t enough, you also need to keep track when working with counsel as well as any court appearance attorneys used to help manage your firm’s caseload. On top of that, you may find that the calendar you are most familiar with, such as Outlook, is not what your freelance attorney is used to, leading to even more pain points and frustration.

Fortunately, Docketly has developed a cutting-edge technological solution that helps make attorney management frustrations a thing of the past.

A Single-Source Solution for All Attorney Scheduling

While a big part of Docketly is putting law firms in touch with court appearance attorneys, you can use Docketly’s calendaring to manage your in-house attorneys as well.

Adding in-house attorneys to the calendar is a snap. For example, if the calendar shows an open hearing that requires coverage, all you will need to do is click on the hearing that needs to be covered and choose the “Add In-House” option from the “Actions” menu. The platform will automatically notify the attorney you have assigned that they have a pending court date.

Hearings are also color-coded for easy reference. Say goodbye to searching back and forth to determine whether a hearing is covered. A quick visual check is all you need to do to find your answer.

Track Hearings and Communicate with Attorneys from One Place

With Docketly’s calendaring solution, you no longer have to keep track of multiple hearings across multiple systems. All your law firm has to do is upload hearings into the Docketly platform. You are then able to manage everything from this single spot.

As you’re well aware, hearing dates, times, and locations can often change. If your in-house attorney is no longer available, you can remove their appearance, edit the hearing and let it be. The Docketly system will find an appearance attorney for you. When your firm signs up for Docketly’s calendaring solution, your in-house attorneys will also have access to our mobile app. This will keep them apprised of any changes to the hearing schedule the moment they happen.

If you need to reassign an attorney to cover a hearing, a couple of clicks in the calendar is all you need to do. The attorney assigned to the hearing will receive an automatic notification. You can accomplish all of this in less than a minute, freeing up even more of your firm’s valuable time.

Streamline and Standardize the Reporting Process

The calendaring solution also simplifies reporting. As soon as a hearing concludes, your in-house attorneys or your appearance attorney can file a report from their phone through the mobile app before they even leave the courthouse. The best part is that the Docketly platfom requires all reports to follow a standardized form. This helps to cut down on human error or time spent trying to parse the “wonderful” handwriting most attorneys are known for.

A standardized form also means you no longer have to wade through long, verbose reports to find the small kernel of information you actually need. The app will also send attorneys helpful reminders to attorneys to compel them to upload their reports. It’s not something that can be set on the back burner. The app will make sure these types of things don’t happen any longer.

Tailor Your Calendaring Solution to Best Suit Your Firm’s Needs

Your law firm doesn’t have to pay an IT specialist to come in and create a system that ultimately will prove to be a letdown. Docketly is there to help customize your calendaring solution. Our founder is a software engineer, and our team is on hand to make any updates to help make the platform work for the needs of your law firm. We are experts in the platform that we have created. Depending on the scope of the project, we may even be able to tailor your calendaring solution for you within a matter of hours.

Our custom solutions can range from helping your firm manage temporary backlogs to providing assistance with document reviews that you simply have been unable to get to this month. You may sometimes wish you could clone yourself to get all of your firm’s work done. While such a notion remains in the realm of science fiction, Docketly’s calendaring solution is the next best thing.

Find Freelance Attorneys to Help Your Firm Get Ahead

When you sign up for Docketly’s calendaring solution, your firm will also have access to our network of more than 10,000 attorneys. Dreading spending time on document review? Not looking forward to a long commute to a hearing in a jurisdiction that is hours away? We can help you find a freelance attorney to help meet your needs.

When you assign work to our qualified and vetted attorneys, you can spend more time on the things your firm considers most important, like helping to build your client base and boost client satisfaction. With Docketly’s help, you have the opportunity to easily scale up your firm and expand the scope of your firm’s practice.

Let Us Show You How Calendaring Works

If you’re curious to learn more about our calendaring solution and all of the things it can help your firm accomplish, we invite you to contact us. Schedule a demo with our talented team and find out how you can better serve both your in-house attorneys as well as your clients with the help of Docketly’s cutting-edge technology.

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