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Does Your Law Firm Need to Move to 21st Century? Let’s Talk at NCBA!

May 08, 2019 by Jana

Managing collection cases is hard.

Stacks of documents, numerous procedural hearings, and the struggle to find reliable appearance counsel can make for long hours in the office.

Stop wasting your valuable expertise and time on menial tasks. 


Vertican and Docketly now provide a fully-integrated software solution that will save you time and help you work smarter.

Q-LawE, Vertican’s industry-leading case management software, manages contacts, documents, tasks, generates letters and even help manage your staff.

Docketly’s state-of-the-art software solutions manage collection cases from service to the courtroom, and through to completion. Servicing, billing, contact management, hearing reports, and much more are quickly and conveniently delivered, in a single file, straight to your computer.

Why should I use Docketly?

For the past eight years, Docketly has been the technology leader in the appearance counsel industry. Our unique, proprietary system connects law firms with experienced, dependable local attorneys.

Docketly uses a smart pricing model that will make sure you’re getting the best price possible—the“superbundling” feature gives volume discounts even in your low-volume areas.

Active performance monitoring, strict compliance, and the one-button audit feature make Docketly the best choice for high-volume law firms.


How does Docketly integration work?

When placing a hearing request in Q-LawE, simply choose the Docketly option and our system will get to work and provide you with a list of qualified, dependable attorneys.

Before they appear on your behalf, Docketly provides you with a detailed attorney profile, making it easy to choose preferred attorneys and filter out the those whose don’t meet your standards.

After the hearing, the attorney will upload a report and Docketly will make sure all the important information is included and file it with any other documents that belong to the case.

For more information about the Vertican Docketly integration, contact us or visit our booths at the NCBA Spring conference. If you can’t meet us at the conference, contact us directly. We will be happy to show you how to collect money faster.

Docketly: Booth #37

Vertican: Booth #15

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