Feature of the Month: The Docketly Calendaring Solution

by Brandon
Aug 26, 2019
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Is calendaring one of your biggest pain points? You are not alone.

We hear this from clients over and over. Making sure that the right attorney is at the right court, at the right time, is a daunting task. You are trying to manage in-house, of counsel, appearance counsel, and other attorneys. You create a schedule in Outlook only to find out your preferred attorney in a remote rural area is not an Outlook kind of guy. When you finally get his schedule to him in the right format, the court update forces you to reschedule. Add a variety of compliance requirements that differ from client to client.

It’s a never-ending nightmare.

And that’s only the beginning. You have to follow up on missing results and juggle the various formats of hearing reports.  If an adverse ruling occurs, it is way too easy to miss. As a result, the client is not notified in a timely fashion and more problems arise.

Let’s end the nightmare. Take control of your calendaring today.


The Docketly Calendaring Solution

What’s in it for you?

Keep an eye on the big picture

Color-coding allows you to quickly see the status of your hearings.


You will see which hearings are covered by your in-house attorneys, and which ones are yet-to-be covered. You can add an in-house attorney with ease – simply click on an uncovered hearing, choose “Add In-House” from the Actions menu, and pick the right in-house attorney. The system will notify the attorney for you.

Set it and forget it

No more juggling, moving hearings from one system to the next. You can upload all your hearings into the Docketly calendar once and then just manage them from one spot. If the hearing date or location change, you can open the hearing page from the calendar, and edit the hearing. The system will take care of the updates.

For example, if your in-house attorney gets sick and can’t cover the hearing assign to her, you can click on the actions button and either assign the hearing to another in-house attorney or notify the appearance attorney network in the area. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Control your reports

When you use the Docketly Calendaring Solution, all of your attorneys have access to our mobile app. They are notified about any changes instantly. Plus, reporting is a breeze. Attorneys can send a report from their phones as soon as the hearing is over.

The hearing report form helps enforce standardized reporting, minimizing the potential for human error or incomplete information.

Make it your own

Stop spending money on custom IT solutions that take months to develop and may or may not work. Docketly is the technology leader in the industry — we were started by a software engineer! Not only do we know our system through and through, but we are also able to create custom features in a matter of days and sometimes hours.


Are you ready to end your calendaring nightmares? Contact us today!

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