Introducing Docketly Community Platform for Attorneys

by Brandon
Aug 16, 2021
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We are excited to announce our online Community platform for Docketly Attorneys, now accessible under the “Community” tab! 

We’ve worked alongside legal professionals and consultants from within and outside the company to bring the strongest features and communication to the front of the burgeoning legal technology frontier. Like our attorneys that power our success, we’ve gotten this far through long hours of research and development. 

Our new Community platform represents our ongoing effort to grow and push our capabilities by listening to an even larger experience base – You! We gathered an extensive amount of customer and attorney feedback, both positive and negative, evaluated our own goals as a company, and made a conscious decision to build this Community platform for our attorneys to make our company even more agile and supportive.

What is our Goal?

This group’s mission is to create a global community of diverse attorneys who will support, challenge, and inspire one another by providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and career development.

We encourage attorneys to share their knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become an integral part of our community. Together, we can become better community leaders and provide our members with an unending wealth of experience from experts like yourself!

Let’s take a look at the features within the new Community platform!


Get connected with others in your community by joining your state Groups. You will be able to compare notes with attorneys in your area and find ways to help each other. You can join more than one Group if you practice in multiple states or if you just want to see what’s going on in a different area.


Join the conversation or look for answers among some of our hot Topics and tag it so others can learn, assist, comment, search, and engage. Tagging Topics in your posts will help identify posts and simplify searches for all attorneys. 


We have specific Topics targeted towards improvement for our website and mobile app. Here we listen to what our attorneys have to say and collect feedback on how to improve the experience of all Docketly users. This is one of the features we’re most excited about in terms of growing more efficient in providing what you need faster than ever.

Benefits of Community Platform


For the first time, you will be able to connect with a vast network of peers through our Community platform. You’ll get the chance to build professional relationships and grow in your legal career. This is where you can cultivate ideas and gain insight into the work that you do as Docketly attorneys.


Attorneys can easily access the Community platform through their Docketly Homepage by clicking on the orange “Community” button on the left navigation bar. Currently, this can only be accessed by web.

Stay tuned for more updates to learn more about upcoming enhancements to Community – mobile app accessibility and integration with the Docketly point system. 

We hope you enjoy your experience and find the platform useful and informative!

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns.

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