Streamlining How Appearance Attorneys Work:  The Many Ways Docketly’s Newly Updated App Works for You

by Brandon
Dec 02, 2021
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Docketly has updated its mobile application making it easier than ever for appearance attorneys to cover procedural hearings in local courts. The new app promises to aid work processes and efficiency for the more than 10,000 attorneys that participate in Docketly’s platform, which provides procedural representation in jurisdictions across the country. 

According to Docketly software engineer Brennan Manion, who oversaw the rebuilding of the app, user feedback played a significant role in ensuring the right features and design.  “The new version is mindful of current workflows, and we built it with the mobile user in mind,” he said.

Using version 3.2 of the app, appearance attorneys will discover a variety of capabilities: 

  • Easily confirm availability and minimize downtime

With three types of dashboards – Home Page, My Hearings, and Available Hearings – Docketly’s new app makes it easy for users to find and accept hearings that are available for coverage and track those that they have already agreed to cover. It’s never been so simple to avoid calendar gaps—and optimize billable hours.

  • Receive real-time updates

Users can set email and text message notifications through the app to instantly alert them whenever local hearings become available for coverage.

  • Sync to your phone calendar

With the app, users can upload all of their hearings into one place and then manage them from their phone, so scheduling is organized and it’s easy to recognize when any reports are due. Any changes to hearing dates or locations made within the app can directly sync to the user’s native phone calendar.

  • Quickly access a court’s website, local information, and location

(Newly updated!) Within the app, users also will find fast access to the websites of each court where they are scheduled to appear and associated local information, such as relevant phone numbers or any COVID-related restrictions. For each court location, users also can receive directions and an estimated arrival time using the app’s built-in navigation system.

  • Get insights from Docketly’s online attorney community

(Newly updated!) Recognizing that the best advice often come from peers, the app features an active attorney message board. It’s an easy way to connect with other appearance attorneys to learn more about the nuances of a particular court or jurisdiction.

  • Link directly to virtual hearings

(Newly updated!) With many hearings taking place remotely, the app enables users to easily manage their meetings. Quickly and directly connect to Zoom with the ease of a link click.

  • Discover how easy the reporting process can be

Docketly’s custom-built system dramatically simplifies the process of submitting hearing reports. With support from automated guides, most reports take less than one minute to complete. Even scanning documents into the app is simple thanks to a feature that can integrate with the user’s cell phone camera ––no external scanner or computer is required.

  • Have confidence in your report’s completion

The app also tracks progress when completing reports, so users always know the status of their work. Should an edit ever be needed after a report’s completion, that’s easy, too. The app makes it simple to access and edit content as desired even after a report has been submitted.

  • Make use of a design that accommodates your workflow preferences

(Newly updated!) For attorneys accustomed to filing reports from their desktop computer, the mobile app is able to provide the same experience. Users can edit and name reports from their phone, just as they do when using their desktop. It’s also easy to download and print attachments related to a hearing directly from the app.

  • Receive feedback swiftly

Attorneys receive feedback and report validation quickly. Hearing results come in a standardized format within 24 hours or less.

  • Monitor payments easily

Once a hearing is over and the attorney’s report has been filed, it’s time for payment. With Docketly, attorneys receive an email confirming their payment amount and the hearings covered. Payment occurs very quickly – roughly twice a month. From the app, users can view amounts earned and balances pending.

The best part? App use is free. To gain access, attorneys need only fill out an application through Docketly’s web site. Once approved, they’ll be able to download the app to their Android, iPhone, and/or tablet.

To tour the app and view these features for yourself, visit https://docketly.com/features-tour/.

Why Do Appearance Attorneys Choose to Work with Docketly?

The app is just the latest benefit that appearance attorneys will find when working with Docketly. Why should you choose Docketly?

Take on extra work at your convenience. You’ll have no fees and no quotas. You decide how much or how little you want to work, the hearings at which you want to appear, and when. Docketly provides malpractice insurance for your appearance, so your personal policy won’t come into play. If you decide Docketly isn’t a fit for you, you can always leave the network of attorneys at any time. No explanation is required.

Grow your connections. Working with Docketly, attorneys get additional insight into potential jobs and a greater understanding of their involvement in projects through direct communication with clients. Ongoing participation is a great way for appearance attorneys to expand their networks.

Obtain live support from Docketly staff. With Docketly, you’re able to contact our operations staff from the app or by phone. We offer the latest in technological innovation with a human touch. If you run into an issue, a representative is always there to address your questions and concerns.

Is the gig economy calling you? We’re looking for appearance attorneys who want the freedom of a flexible schedule and appreciate working with our best-in-class platform. If you want to join Docketly’s growing network of appearance attorneys, sign up, let us know what you want to cover, and we’ll start sending you hearing notifications.

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