Telephonic Appearances: Tips and Resources

by Jana
Mar 20, 2020

As we continue to monitor court closures and limitations, we are also gathering data on which courts allow telephonic appearances.

Below is the live list of courts that currently allow telephonic appearances in one or more departments.

You can search the list by choosing state, county, or court. If you can’t see or navigate the list, access it here.

Caveat: Courts use different systems to connect

           Most courts use either Webex or CourtCall to conduct telephonic hearings. Webex is a common teleconferencing tool.

Many courts use the system CourtCall. You have to be a registered user to use CourtCall. Without an account, you won’t be able to appear telephonically. Register here

Registration is free. If you are posting hearings in areas that utilize CourtCall, we strongly recommend you set up an account. Due to heightened demand, the process can take a few days.

CourtCall is not affiliated with Docketly. The Docketly telephonic appearance price is ATTORNEY FEE ONLY and doesn’t include the CourtCall service fees.


The list of courts that use CourtCall grows every day. You can view it here.



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