Thinking About Success: Coffee Break Chat

by Brandon
Oct 04, 2022
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What does success look like to you and your firm? Is it increasing the capacity to take on more cases or freeing up time so you and your team can focus more on large cases? Maybe it’s creating a better work-life balance so you can spend more time with your loved ones. No matter what your goals may be, Docketly has solutions designed to help any firm achieve and exceed their own metric of success. 

Time and time again we have helped enable our partners to maximize their account liquidation by freeing up valuable personnel and scheduling staff time. Over the last decade, we have had the privilege of gathering stories of client success and are excited to share them with you. Join us for our new series, and attend a Coffee Break Chat with Docketly! 

What Exactly Is Docketly? 

Appearance counsel made simple. A subsidiary company of ABC Legal, the nation’s leading service of process providers, Docketly connects law firms to vetted and qualified appearance attorneys to appear on their behalf. We make the process quick and seamless for both law firms and attorneys in our network using a proprietary system developed in-house. Firms simply post a hearing, and Docketly’s system selects the right attorney for your case from a network of 10,000+ qualified and vetted appearance attorneys, available in all 50 states. Experience the same great level of service you are accustomed to with ABC Legal at Docketly. 

What sets Docketly apart? 

The agile software development, innovative custom solutions, and host of integrations make Docketly more than just a vendor. We are a technology leader in the appearance counsel realm and a trusted partner to modern, forward-thinking law firms.  

Docketly’s system keeps law firms in the know about every step of the process while the powerful technology combined with an outstanding support team finds the right attorney for the right price. Fast, standardized reporting on hearing results, full transparency, and a la carte compliance settings are among some of the most popular Docketly features.  


Coffee Break Chat With Docketly 

Jana and Jill sat down on September 6th and shared stories that featured real use cases of Docketly’s innovative technology and how they were able to increase success for our clients. From appearance attorneys to email automation, this chat has it all. If you missed it live, don’t worry! You can still enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the chat here. Subscribe to future chats to stay in the know. 

Come discover what thousands of firms have already learned: Docketly is the solution to help you achieve your appearance goals. 

Meet ABC Legal & Docketly At NCBA 

Both ABC Legal and Docketly will be attending NCBA this year! Let’s connect to help you succeed. 

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