Vertican and Docketly: Helping Law Firms Achieve Efficiency Through Integration and Automation

by Brandon
Sep 30, 2021
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The success or failure of a law firm in a collections proceeding or other type of legal matter often comes down to having the right attorney in the right place at the right time. Ensuring they have the right information in hand is also important. Your law firm shouldn’t have to toggle back and forth between platforms and multiple spreadsheets to make sure your appearance attorney has what they need. The good news is Docketly has teamed up with Vertican’s Q-LawE, a cutting-edge legal case management software that makes looking up contract attorney and docket information easier than ever for law firms.

Streamlining Coverage in the First Minute or the Eleventh Hour

When the attorneys at your law firm need to make a court appearance in a jurisdiction that is a significant distance away, or even when your team is just feeling overwhelmed by an avalanche of work, leaning on the services of an appearance attorney can help lessen the burden. However, it hardly seems worth the time to go through the process of vetting an attorney, sending emails, making phone calls and shuffling schedules around. This is especially true when a last-minute emergency such as a sudden illness, automobile accident, or unexpected gridlock means your firm may not have anyone available to make an appearance on time.

This is what makes the partnership between Docketly and Vertican so great. With Q-LawE’s speedy automation combined with Docketly’s certified team of contract attorneys, your firm will never have to worry about eleventh hour scenarios playing out in the worst way possible. You can rest assured that your matter will be handled by a qualified attorney who has the information they need to handle your particular legal matter.

A One Stop Shop for Your Case Management Needs

It can be nearly impossible to keep track of court appearances, who or what is on the docket, and who you can expect to be in the office, and who will be in court. With Docketly – QlawE integration, you can request appearance attorney and share all documentation and information with a click of a button. Say goodbye to conflicting spreadsheets or, gulp, hard copies placed in multiple cabinets.

The integration eliminates forgotten documents or instructions. What you have in QlawE is sent to Docketly in one smooth motion.

Integration Eases Transition

The integration provides more functionality than just entering names, dates and providing information. For example, if an attorney in your firm has court dates listed individually for each client, and that attorney takes ill or is otherwise unable to make it to court, you can shift the entire docket to an appearance attorney with little more than a couple of clicks. The time-saving efficiency of this feature cannot be overstated.

What Happens After a Court Hearing?

We’ve described at some length how Docketly and the Q-LawE case management platform can assist law firms ahead of court appearances, but what about the processes that take place after a hearing has concluded? Well, the platform has your firm’s needs covered in that regard as well. For example, if your contract attorney has a judgment issued during their court appearance, they can provide a copy of that judgment by uploading it to the platform, putting that valuable information in your hands almost immediately. There’s no more waiting for an attorney from your firm to return to the office or to place a phone call before you know what happens. Having instantaneous access to a court’s ruling can be invaluable not only to your firm, but to your firm’s clients as well.

Another great feature QlawE utilizes is its Data Driven Automation System, or DDAS. This system is always taking note of any new information entered into the system. From there, it will move the file forward to the appropriate next steps in the process. Your law firm will not have to keep logging into the account and manually move things along. The platform will do most of this tedious work for your firm. This is yet another example of the time-saving efficiency Docketly and Vertican’s partnership provides to law firms.

Learn More at the Upcoming NCBA Conference

While Docketly benefits law firms across all legal disciplines, firms who represent creditors have long taken advantage of our stable of more than 10,000 appearance attorneys across the country. That is why we are proud to have a booth at the upcoming National Creditors Bar Association this fall. If your firm is attending this year’s conference, we invite you to stop by and learn a little bit more about how our platform can save you time and help boost your bottom line.

Not Going to the Conference?

Of course, your law firm may not handle creditor cases or you may not be attending this year’s NCBA conference. If so, you can still take advantage of all the Docketly has to offer law firms throughout the United States. Think of all the time savings you can achieve by utilizing a contract attorney who can help handle some of the more mundane tasks of legal practice. We invite you to schedule a demo with us to learn more about the details of what Docketly does and how we’ve been helping firms increase efficiency with the help of appearance attorneys.

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