How Much Do Appearance Attorneys Make?

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An appearance attorney acts as a stand-in for a primary attorney and their client. This role requires making a court appearance to deliver documents, provide an update on a case, or reschedule a hearing.

You may be wondering, how much does an appearance attorney make? We designed this guide to answer just that!

How Does It Work?

The first thing you need to do to start earning money as an appearance attorney signs up to cover a hearing. At Docketly, we make this straightforward, so all you have to do is click on find a hearing!

The majority of hearings that we help connect appearance attorneys to are for small claims, foreclosures, or other short procedural hearings for collections. You can browse through the selection of available hearings to find ones that fit your schedule and skills, then just click on the cover button.

As long as there are no conflicts of interest, you’ll become the appearance attorney – it’s as simple as that! If there are other hearings in the same area, you can take multiple and receive the bundle pricing. The compensation you receive depends on the size of the docket that is available for you.

For instance, if there are three hearings available in a bundle at $42 each, you would make that rate even if you only took one. It makes sense to take them all though since you would make $126 for the same amount of effort!

The fee alert will let you know what the new bundled price is, so there is no guesswork involved.

Once you complete the assignment, you can use our custom-built system to submit reports by filling out a basic form. You can probably do this in less than a minute – it’s really simple!

Submitting the report is the last thing needed to become eligible for payment. This will trigger an email that will confirm the amount you have earned for the number of hearings you covered.

Docketly Works To Maximize Your Earnings

Our goal at Docketly is to help you maximize your earnings as an appearance attorney while remaining competitive in the industry – it’s the best way to get you access to as many hearings as possible!

Before Docketly, the appearance attorney market was dominated by collection firms that would negotiate bulk rates for local attorneys. We combated that by creating a bundling feature that allows us to remain competitive while still encouraging our customers to post as many hearings as possible.

In other words, that cost-saving benefit for our customers is passed on to you in the form of more hearings being available for you to claim.

For example, you might make $42 per hearing instead of $50, but if you’re able to knock out three or four of them at the same time – with only one trip to the courthouse – you will have higher overall earned fees even though the per hearing compensation is lower.

If you think about it, you were doing the same amount of work for quite a bit more money by taking advantage of our bundles, so you can make quite a bit as an appearance attorney!