Our base flat fee is $65 per hearing.

We’ve also developed our system to automatically and continuously search for opportunities to reduce your costs.

One such way is “Bundling” which is a grouping of 2 or more hearings occurring on the same date and time at the same location.  You will receive a percentage off of every hearing that goes into the bundle.  The more hearings occurring in the same place at the same time, the more of discount you receive per hearing, which can be tracked directly by you through our website. For example, the average fee for our clients in certain counties is around $51 per hearing, so the more hearings you have us cover, the more money you save. We continuously track this information to ensure you’re getting the best savings possible on your hearing coverage.

To help you see what you are really paying per hearing, your home page shows a graph like the one above to illustrate your average hearing costs. So although our pricing starts at $65/hearing, we offer discounts that will enable you to keep your overall average price per hearing well below that number.

We also have developed the ability to “Super Bundle” hearings. Our system cross-references different clients’ hearings and bundles ones in the same location at the same time. We leverage all of our clients’ hearings to help all of you save money. It’s cutting-edge and visionary and it’s available to you now.

Give us a try and we’ll cover your first few hearings for free. You’ll love the control and simplicity of it.

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I enjoy working with Docketly – you provide me with everything I need to handle the cases for the clients. You have good response time on sending materials and compensation. I look forward to continuing to work with you!Lisa | Evansville, IN