Our usual fee is $65 per hearing.
Would you like to pay even less?

Our system automatically and continuously searches for opportunities to reduce your costs.

Here are a few of our strategies for keeping prices as low as possible for our clients:


Our system identifies and bundles a group of 2 or more hearings from a single client occurring on the same date and time at the same location. You will receive a percentage off of every hearing that goes into the bundle. So, the more hearings you have us cover, the greater our ability to increase the discount per hearing and save you more money.

Super Bundling

Our system cross-references different clients’ hearings and leverages the ones occurring on the same date and time at the same location to create a bundle of 2 or more hearings. It’s like a ride-share program for our clients.

Discount Factors

Our system identifies more competitive areas and automatically drops the base price for hearings in that region. We pass these cost savings to our client whether they have us cover a single hearing, a bundle, or a super bundle.

This cutting-edge and visionary programming helps all of you save money in so many ways.

How do I know what my actual price per hearing is?

To help you see what you are really paying per hearing, your home page shows a graph like the one below to illustrate your average hearing costs. So although our pricing starts at $65/hearing, we offer Bundle and Super Bundle discounts that will enable you to keep your overall average price per hearing well below that number.

“The pricing is reasonable and they’re dependably
there for you when you cannot be.”Craig | Columbia, MO