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ABC + Docketly:

Better Together

The Old Way

Extensive Travel
Your staff and attorneys are spending too much windshield time, often running multiple court hearings in several jurisdictions miles apart.
Unexpected Court Appearances
Priorities have to shift constantly in order to attend hearings, impacting priorities and productivity.
Wasted Time
Valuable time is invested overseeing the process of hiring and managing outside appearance counsel.
Difficulty Scaling
Your staff and attorneys are spread thin and already working at capacity to cover current projects.

Docketly Makes Finding and Hiring
Experienced, Reliable Counsel Easy

Finding and Hiring Image

With ABC Legal, you already know the benefit of using a legal services provider with innovative technology automation tools that allow you to simply “set it and forget it.” Docketly, the industry’s leading appearance counsel provider, can deliver similar efficiency gains.

How It Works

Docketly is a custom-built software platform that can quickly and efficiently connect law firms with a wide network of experienced, reliable appearance attorneys and help you manage every detail of your hearing, from start to finish in one single-source solution.

Access the right appearance counsel from over 10,000 prequalified nationwide lawyers.
Easily follow automated prompts to upload case documents and request coverage where you need it, when you need it.
Receive consistent, timely follow-up reports in standardized formats. No more trying to decipher a piecemeal report to locate pertinent information.
Set reports and submissions to process in bulk to fast-track workflow and handle large volumes of cases swiftly.

Reap the rewards of using both Docketly and ABC Legal: instant integration of automated reports on service of process and unparalleled visibility into case status.

Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Tasks:
Know Immediately if a Hearing is Served

Rather than dedicate a team to tracking down records for process of service that affect court appearances, your ABC Legal case updates populate into Docketly’s platform automatically without your firm even having to make one request.

Here are some examples of benefits:

Get Complete Visibility
ABC Legal ensures time-stamped GPS and photo documentation is updated in real-time so that you have complete visibility into the status of your order.
Easily Reschedule
You’ll be notified right away when hearings are not served, allowing you to reschedule court appearances rather than risk wasted travel or confusion that can derail schedules.
Auto-Cancel Non-Serves
Docketly’s custom settings allow you to auto-cancel non-served hearings in counties that don’t require appearance on non-serves. If non-service doesn’t impact court appearances for a particular jurisdiction, you’ll know that too.
Consolidate Workflow
The advantage of working with both ABC and Docketly is that you will have a single consolidated workflow. The same engineers work on both systems, allowing them to sync automations with ease.

Docketly Sets the Bar High

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our fans are saying:


“Easy to select hearings and interface with staff. Very friendly, helpful, professional, and collaborative staff for attorneys to work with”



Jackson Center, OH


“Honestly, out of all the companies I have dealt with that handle this sort of work, your company is BY FAR THE BEST. Keep up the good work!”



Highland, IL


“I am very satisfied. I love it that your attorneys always return a copy of the pleading with their report!”



Little Rock, AR

Fill Gaps in Your Workforce,
Save Time, and Scale Up

Create Capacity
At a time when resources are stretched, you need your full-time staff to be able to work at their highest potential. Create capacity by removing data entry and research tasks from their plate.
Automate Tasks
By hiring appearance counsel through Docketly’s secure platform, you can automate the tasks that don’t need a human touch to make more time for ones that do. Combined with ABC Legal’s solutions, Docketly doubles your time savings.
Manage Time
With the ability to drill down into details swiftly and a user interface that’s easy to interpret, you can think of Docketly as more than a hiring platform — it’s also a time management tool. We give you back hours that you’d spend searching for data with standardized, streamlined reporting in one centralized place.

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