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Feature of the Month: Superbundles

Oct 31, 2019 by Jana

Are you paying a flat fee for appearance counsel? You are paying too much.

The One-Off Nuisance

Single hearings spread across various courts or states create a problem. Your in-house attorneys can’t attend all of them.

What do you do? Hire an appearance attorney through a  vendor. Problem solved. Or is it?

Not all appearance counsel vendors operate the same way. With the wrong one,  you will end up paying too much money for your appearance attorneys.

The Flat Fee Trap

The flat fee sounds like a great idea. You know exactly how much are you going to pay. Every time. It never changes. And here lies the problem. IT NEVER CHANGES. Whether your flat-fee appearance counsel vendor sends one or five attorneys to the same court at the same time, you pay exactly the same flat fee.

It doesn’t seem fair. So we changed it.

Low Volume? No Problem

We bundle all the hearings that happen in the same place at the same time and pass the savings to you. You don’t have to own the docket to get the volume discount. No extra work is required on your side. Simply post your hearings like you always do and let the Docketly system do the rest.

Here is an example of superbundle savings. Please note that the pricing can vary, depending on the region and hearing types.


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