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Feature of the Month: Superbundles

Single hearings spread across various courts or states create a problem. Your in-house attorneys can’t attend all of them.

What do you do? Hire an appearance attorney through a  vendor. Problem solved. Or is it? […]

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Oct 31 by Jana

See Our Show at NARCA Las Vegas

At NARCA we love to see friends and meet great people. Ok, so we aren’t great dancers or singers but we always have something exciting going on at our booth and this NARCA conference in Las Vegas October 26-29 is no exception. Please stop by for some sweet swag and chat with Brandon and Rocky […]

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Oct 14 by Brandon

The Value of Outsourcing

Outsourcing – What is the Value? Have you ever watched an all-star sporting event? It seems like it would be an exciting game because you have all the best players in the arena at the same time. Usually, the games have spurts of excitement but end up being disjointed and boring. Why is this? With […]

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May 11 by Brandon

Making NARCA Smarter!

Hello… As is customary, we usually release our major updates and new features in May and October of each year. Now, right before the 2014 NARCA Spring Conference in Miami, we are letting you know of a new piece of software that you will never use or see, but will save your firm a lot […]

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May 11 by Brandon

Link your LinkedIn Profile with Local Counsel Collective

Networking and getting your profile out there is a big part of the “game”. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks on the web. Many of our network attorneys are already members. We would like to take advantage of this and help your professional profile in our network expand. By linking your profile to us, […]

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Jul 02 by Brandon

The Attorney App: Saving Time & Making Money

The iPhone and Android App is available to make selecting and covering a hearing easier for you. The app will streamline your participation with us; eliminating extra legwork on your part. It will save you time  and earn you money. It also displays your account balance, gives access to the hearings that you have selected to […]

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May 28 by Brandon

Happy Thanksgiving!

    We know we have a lot to be thankful for this year, and hope that you do too! –Your friends @ LCC […]

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Nov 21 by Brandon

Customer Success Story!

Firms seeking to improve cost and efficiency are finding success with Local Counsel Collective.  Since July of 2011, Morgan & Pottinger has been working with us and reaping the benefits of our collaboration.          Our firm originally started with having outside counsel in each state for KY, TN, IN, OH and GA.  […]

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Oct 01 by Brandon

2012.07.22 Release

General Highlights: US1357: Upgrade to CometChat4 – You may not even have noticed, but the chat has changed slightly with the recent update. The chat windows should be a little more streamlined and easier to use. Also, we got rid of some of the features that our users didn’t really take advantage of. Finally, we […]

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Jul 30 by Brandon