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What Do Contract Attorneys Do?

Contract attorneys play a critical role in the legal system, particularly for small- to mid-size legal firms that need to scale or outsource support for appearance counsel or other contract attorney services. To get the most value from using an appearance attorney, managing partners need to understand the answers to these questions: What do contract […]

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Sep 28 by Jana

What Are the Types of Contract Attorneys?

Law firms are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of client service Pandamic Enviroinment. One way to do this is to use contract lawyers. However, in this context, contract lawyers do not specialize in contract law. Instead, they perform legal services on a contract or freelance basis.    According to […]

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Sep 21 by Jana

How to Determine When You Should Hire a Remote Contract Attorney

Regardless of how much time you invest in your firm, there are only so many hours in a week. At some point, you could greatly benefit from having an extra set of hands to help accomplish tasks like routine court appearances, freeing yourself up to focus on the things that are most important to your […]

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Sep 15 by Jana

NCBA Certified: Leading the Legal Tech Industry in Information Security

Information security is a growing concern across industries. The prevalence of data grants greater access to information – but also poses additional security risks,data braches and  including hacking, and identity theft.Finding ways to ensure the security and privacy of information is essential – particularly in the legal services industry, due to the large volume of sensitive client […]

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Aug 13 by Asad Tacy

Feature of the Month: Superbundles

Single hearings spread across various courts or states create a problem. Your in-house attorneys can’t attend all of them.

What do you do? Hire an appearance attorney through a  vendor. Problem solved. Or is it? […]

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Oct 31 by Jana