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Docketly Legal Updates: December 2020

As the seemingly never-ending, not-soon-to-be-forgotten year of 2020 finally nears its ugly end, many are wondering what the newly elected Biden Administration means in relation to the world of debt collection law.  There have been many exciting developments and discussions in the past several months, but here we will discuss what the Biden Administration could […]

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Dec 16 by Sam Pierce

Docketly Legal Updates: November 2020

  2020 has been a roller-coaster year, to say the least. However, it’s not over yet, and there have been several significant developments in the world of legal collections worth noting and briefly discussing. In this segment, we will briefly discuss “Part One” of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (the “CFPB”) Final Collections Rule. On […]

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Nov 16 by Sam Pierce

Free Resources for Appearance Attorneys during the COVID-19 Closures

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 virus is affecting the legal industry. We don’t know how long it will last, or what the long-term effects will be. In the near term, several legal service companies are stepping in to offer free products and services that are of great help to appearance counsel. You can find a […]

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Mar 23 by Jana

Protect Your Docketly Account with Multi-Factor Authentication

Happy National Computer Security Day! Are you a little nervous about sharing sensitive information over the Internet? You should be. Hackers, phishing scams, and identity theft are weekly occurrences in our world. At Docketly, we take computer security seriously. We are continually working behind the scenes to ensure that your information is safe.   What […]

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Nov 30 by Jana

Test Question – FDCPA Certification

Every time you move a debt collector calls your mother to obtain your address. A. Acceptable B. Prohibited Get smart, trained, and certified today! Sign up for the FDCPA Certification course at the exclusive discounted rate of just $49. You may also be eligible for CLE credits, too! Register HERE This special price offer is […]

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Mar 25 by Brandon

FDCPA Certification Trivia Question

Kick off the year with FDCPA certification and get your FDCPA badge. If a debt collector calls a third party, that may not be a violation of the FDCPA, (Choose the best answer.) A. ALWAYS TRUE B. ALWAYS FALSE C. TRUE, AS LONG AS THE DEBT COLLECTOR NEVER DISCLOSES THE NAME OF HIS COMPANY. D. […]

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Jan 29 by Brandon

Vegas Baby!

    Visit Local Counsel Collective at the DBA Conference in Vegas. February 9-11 are the conference days. You can always count on fun games, great giveaways, and learning how we’re changing the appearance counsel industry in unique ways. Yeah, we focus on providing hearing coverage for our clients every day but we also know […]

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Jan 22 by Brandon

FDCPA Trivia Question

A debt collector may telephone a consumer about a consumer debt at the consumers place of employment after the consumer tells the debt collector he cannot receive such telephone calls. A.  IF THE CONSUMER FAILS TO FOLLOW UP SUCH REQUEST WITH A LETTER B.  IF THE DEBT COLLECTOR HAS NO OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION EVEN AFTER […]

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Dec 16 by Brandon

Trivia Question – Violations of FDCPA

F.D.C.P.A. violations can lead to A. Fines B. Lawsuits C. Loss of Employment D. All of the Above Get trained and certified today. Sign up for the FDCPA Certification course at the exclusive discounted rate of just $49. You may also be eligible for CLE credits, too! Register HERE This special price offer is open […]

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Oct 26 by Brandon

See You at NARCA – Win Prizes!

At NARCA we like to have fun, so how do we accomplish that? With games, and expensive giveaways, of course! Yeah, we focus on covering hearings for our clients every day but we also know how to have fun. Last time at NARCA we had a GIANT Jenga game that was a big hit. Grown […]

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Oct 06 by Brandon