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Avocet Communications Podcast with Brandon Fuller

Brandon Fuller is a software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to Docketly, Brandon worked in the communications and collaboration market on industry-first products like Latitude MeetingPlace, Cisco WebEx, Cisco TelePresence, and BlueJeans video conferencing. In his current role, he is responsible for defining the Docketly’s vision and for leading the team to continued growth […]

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Jan 13 by Jana

Feature of the Month: The Docketly Calendaring Solution

Is calendaring one of your biggest pain points? You are not alone. We hear this from clients over and over. Making sure that the right attorney is at the right court, at the right time, is a daunting task. You are trying to manage in-house, of counsel, appearance counsel, and other attorneys. You create a […]

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Aug 26 by Jana

Protect Your Docketly Account with Multi-Factor Authentication

Happy National Computer Security Day! Are you a little nervous about sharing sensitive information over the Internet? You should be. Hackers, phishing scams, and identity theft are weekly occurrences in our world. At Docketly, we take computer security seriously. We are continually working behind the scenes to ensure that your information is safe. What can […]

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Nov 30 by Jana

Integrate & Ignite Podcast: Creating Passionate Customers

“We expect obstacles. So, let’s get the cow out of the ditch and build a fence so it doesn’t happen again.” ~ Brandon Fuller Our CEO, Brandon Fuller, was featured on the Integrate & Ignite podcast this week. Brandon talks about Docketly’s success and what the team does to perform in the face of unprecedented […]

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Jul 24 by webhank

Easy for Our Clients

New Feature – Billing Codes Some of our clients want separate invoices for different “groups” of hearings.  These likely correspond to different creditors, certain attorneys, or business units internally. To set up codes, our clients may now click on the button “Codes” on their home page, then add their custom code with a description. In the above […]

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Jun 07 by Brandon

Old School is Cool, but…

Old school is cool. But being outdated in business…? Being outdated in your business is very un-cool. I’m always amazed while speaking with someone on the phone and he (yeah, it’s always a guy) asks me to fax documents to him. I don’t think I’ve seen a fax machine in 20 years, let alone used […]

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Nov 18 by Brandon

Post a Flexible Scheduling Hearing

That’s right! On occasion, you, our awesome client, may just need paperwork signed or delivered by or to the court with no set deadline or date. We got that covered, too! When creating the hearing, you’ll see “Flexible Scheduling” with a little box next to it. Simply click on that box and then enter the […]

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Oct 12 by Brandon

Auto Add Hearing Attachments

You may have non-case specific documents that you want to be automatically attached to hearings. We have a solution for you! Choose Documents from your home page to access this function. There are two main ways to use this feature. 1. Library – When you add a document here, it will show up in the […]

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Sep 25 by Brandon

Prices Dropped in 54 Counties & FDCPA

Over the weekend our system automatically adjusted our pricing for hearing coverage and lowered fees in 54 counties. Such a smart, hard working system! Our staff here at Local Counsel Collective is working on finishing up their FDCPA certification. Have you earned your FDCPA certification badge on your profile, yet? I personally took the course […]

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Aug 03 by Brandon

A Brave New World – Of Hearing Pricing

It was Sunday morning at 7:00AM and I was taking my first sip of coffee when Local Counsel Collective’s Founder wrote me an email with one sentence and a huge image of data. The sentence read, “Last night, our system lowered the prices of hearings in 138 counties across the country. More to come!” In […]

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May 14 by Brandon