Integrate & Ignite Podcast: Creating Passionate Customers

“We expect obstacles. So, let’s get the cow out of the ditch and build a fence so it doesn’t happen again.” ~ Brandon Fuller Our CEO, Brandon Fuller, was featured on the Integrate & Ignite podcast this week. Brandon talks about Docketly’s success and what the team does to perform in the face of unprecedented […]

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Jul 24 by webhank

Press Release: Docketly Emerges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2017 Tim Long Docketly (800) 910-1492 Get Ready to Save on Appearance Counsel Longmont, Colorado: ABC Legal (Seattle, Washington), a technology leader in court filing and service of process for law firms, government institutions, and corporate legal has acquired Local Counsel Collective, to form Docketly, the innovative leader in […]

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Nov 15 by Brandon

News To Kick off Summer at LCC ☀️    

The long, hot days of summer are here and we hope you’re enjoying it.  Here are a few news bits to help make your life with LCC the best it can be: Court Locations – There are A LOT of courts out there. We are adding them to our system constantly. When you post a hearing, […]

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Jul 12 by Brandon

New Hearing Bundle Pricing

  New Bundle Pricing! Local Counsel Collective has always been focused on giving our clients the best hearing coverage pricing in the industry. We sharpened our pencils again and revamped our bundle pricing structure. Check it out and post bundles with us today!     We appreciate our clients’ business and strive to provide more value […]

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Oct 27 by Brandon

See Our Show at NARCA Las Vegas

  At NARCA we love to see friends and meet great people. Ok, so we aren’t great dancers or singers but we always have something exciting going on at our booth and this NARCA conference in Las Vegas October 26-29 is no exception. Please stop by for some sweet schwag and chat with Brandon and Rocky to […]

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Oct 14 by Brandon

Easy for Our Clients

New Feature – Billing Codes   Some of our clients want separate invoices for different “groups” of hearings.  These likely correspond to different creditors, certain attorneys, or business units internally.  To set up codes, our clients may now click on the button “Codes” on their home page, then add their custom code with a description. In the […]

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Jun 07 by Brandon

Visit Us at NARCA Chicago This Week

At NARCA we like to have fun and meet great people. Yeah, we focus on covering hearings for our clients every day but we also know how to have fun. Last time at NARCA we had a basketball hoop set up that was a big hit. Grown adults jumping around in nice clothes, friends standing by, coaching […]

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May 03 by Brandon

Test Question – FDCPA Certification

Every time you move a debt collector calls your mother to obtain your address. A. Acceptable B. Prohibited Get smart, trained, and certified today! Sign up for the FDCPA Certification course at the exclusive discounted rate of just $49. You may also be eligible for CLE credits, too! Register HERE This special price offer is […]

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Mar 25 by Brandon

We Are Strong on Compliance – Are You?

Our compliance center is kind of like a combination of Apple and Fort Knox – constantly updated and with the highest security. We’re attorney owned, so we know what our clients need and what’s expected from our professional network attorneys. Things we keep for all our network attorneys that are available to our clients with a […]

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Mar 14 by Brandon

FDCPA Certification Trivia Question

Kick off the year with FDCPA certification and get your FDCPA badge. If a debt collector calls a third party, that may not be a violation of the FDCPA, (Choose the best answer.) A. ALWAYS TRUE B. ALWAYS FALSE C. TRUE, AS LONG AS THE DEBT COLLECTOR NEVER DISCLOSES THE NAME OF HIS COMPANY. D. […]

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Jan 29 by Brandon