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NARCA – Want a New iPod?

NARCA starts this week. Visit our booth for giveaways and nice prizes. Local Counsel Collective is always excited for NARCA because we get to show off all our new features like hearing super bundles and automated hearing file uploading. Other exciting things from this year include: Partnerships with JJL Processing and Vertican / YGC Solutions […]

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Oct 13 by Brandon

Post a Flexible Scheduling Hearing

That’s right! On occasion, you, our awesome client, may just need paperwork signed or delivered by or to the court with no set deadline or date. We got that covered, too! When creating the hearing, you’ll see “Flexible Scheduling” with a little box next to it. Simply click on that box and then enter the […]

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Oct 12 by Brandon

See You at NARCA – Win Prizes!

At NARCA we like to have fun, so how do we accomplish that? With games, and expensive giveaways, of course! Yeah, we focus on covering hearings for our clients every day but we also know how to have fun. Last time at NARCA we had a GIANT Jenga game that was a big hit. Grown […]

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Oct 06 by Brandon

Auto Add Hearing Attachments

You may have non-case specific documents that you want to be automatically attached to hearings. We have a solution for you! Choose Documents from your home page to access this function. There are two main ways to use this feature. 1. Library – When you add a document here, it will show up in the […]

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Sep 25 by Brandon

Trivia Question: FDCPA

The purpose of the “FDCPA” is to: A) Eliminate abusive debt collection practices B) Insure that debt collectors not using abusive tactics are not completely disadvantaged C) Promote consistent State action to protect consumers against abusive collection practices D) All of the above Become an expert and have the certificate to prove it. Sign up […]

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Sep 16 by Brandon

FDCPA – True or False

True or False In order to save money on postage, you may send debtors communications on post cards, as long as “Personal and Confidential” is stamped somewhere on the card.   If you want to be an expert in your profession and earn some CLE credits, too, take the FDCPA certification course we offer to all […]

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Sep 01 by Brandon

Trivia Question – FDCPA

How many times may a debt collector contact a debtor once the debtor retains an attorney? If you aren’t sure, you should probably take the FDCPA certification course we offer to all our network attorneys. It’s only $49 and has a value that cannot be measured. Here’s the LINK for more information and to register. […]

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Aug 25 by Brandon

Local Counsel Collective Named #204 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies

Longmont, CO, Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Local Counsel Collective, an appearance counsel service company, announced today that Inc. Magazine has named it one of the Top 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States. Local Counsel Collective has been recognized for substantial growth and is the fastest growing company in the appearance counsel industry to make the […]

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Aug 12 by Brandon

It’s Getting Crowded In Here

It seems like only yesterday there were just two of us scrambling around to make Local Counsel Collective the best appearance counsel service we could. Suddenly, the parking lot is full and there’s a buzz of activity from the crowded office of employees. Yes, we’ve grown again! Not only are we being honored by Inc. Magazine as […]

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Aug 10 by Brandon

Prices Dropped in 54 Counties & FDCPA

Over the weekend our system automatically adjusted our pricing for hearing coverage and lowered fees in 54 counties. Such a smart, hard working system! Our staff here at Local Counsel Collective is working on finishing up their FDCPA certification. Have you earned your FDCPA certification badge on your profile, yet? I personally took the course […]

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Aug 03 by Brandon